Monday, 28 December 2009

FOTD - bitten by the false lashes bug again!

Felt like posting a FOTD. I've been doing a smokey eye every day this last week and this morning I wanted to do more of a clean eye but bronzed overall look - inspired by Olivia Palermo from The City. I am totally much more of a Whitney fan, but Olivia P has been gaining momentum in the overall style stakes (going to buy next week's Grazia as she's featured in it!). As she has major false lashes (at least I think they are) I blew off the dust of my false lash collection (oh yes, I have one!) as I went through a phase of wearing falsies a while back. I'm too chicken to try Latisse or other chemical lash enhancers - I'm pretty sensitive about touching my eyes etc though I wear contacts!

Voila my collection:

Actually looking through it, I threw 4 pairs away as they'd seen better days! My fave lashes are the very natural Eyelure 010 which are the least dramatic but add volume, thickness and a full flutter to my lashes.

So I tried a new pair I bought in the US this year - Ardell 301 corner lashes. I love! Now, I'm not an expert on application - I take longer than I'd like - but these corner ones were a breeze! They also looked quite 'natural' in that they weren't so long that they looked fake in comparison to the rest of my inner lashes - if that makes sense. Ie. it was a gradual lengthening as you went along my lashline. I think anyway : D They also didn't feel like I had anything on - I tend to feel falsies sometimes throughout the day when wearing a full set. But these - I forgot about them until I went to the bathroom : D

My FOTD today:

Chantecaille Future Skin in Cream
Becca Duo Concealer in Tahini
MAC Bare Canvas paint
MAC Brule all over wash
Prescriptives 2009 Hols Warm palette Sage e/s in inner corner and browbone
Prestige Eyeliner in E12 Brown
MAC Dark Devotion e/s to set the liner above (from 2008 Xmas Warm hols colln)
Shu Uemura Brow gel in Forest Black
Maybelling Full & Soft mascara in black
A touch of Bobbi Brown gel e/l in Forest Shimmer on the 'join' of the falsies to my lashline
Bobbi Brown Natural Bronzer matte to contour and bronze face
Prescriptives 2009 Hols Warm palette Cheek Colour in Ginger (so pretty!)
Shiseido Maquillage lipstick in PK347

I love the Ardell 301. For sure. A quick websearch pulls up that they retail at £4.95 (excl postage) at I haven't tried this online retailer before, so if you do - let me know how you find them!

In general, I find Eyelure makes very good full sets too which are currently on sale in Harrods as well if anyone is interested.

What are your fave falsies?

Saturday, 26 December 2009

First Boxing Day Sale purchase workout - Prescriptives!

Hope you all had a lovely lovely day yesterday with family and friends. I don't celebrate Xmas but my mum was round and we tucked into a hearty Lamb stew she made, finished with mince pies and custard (courtsey of Sainsbury's and Bird's Eye) and watched 2 DVDs. 'Crossing Over' which was a good film about both sides of the immigration story in LA (Mum chose it cos Harrison Ford was in it) and 'The Young Victoria' (which I chose cos Emily Blunt is in it). Emily Blunt is just so gorgeous. The makeup was simple but her porcelain flawless skin was perfection -like cream! And her blue eyes (or contacts) just beamed out against her rosy cheeks. Gonna rent the next film with her in it called 'Sunshine Cleaning'. But I digress, back to the title of this post!

My mum and I braved for a short while the Boxing Day Sales in Oxford Street - which wasn't bad until about 12pm when EVERYONE came out! (We got there a bit earlier). I went to the Prescriptives counter in House of Fraser as an overseas pal (Meta you!) wanted a custom blend lipgloss and I also took the chance to get this little baby which I had my eye on a bit when it came out a few months ago - the Holiday Warm Collection Palette. From £40 RRP to £20 on sale.

I can't wait to use it - they are so me colours, and the blushes seem very me too.

I just wanted to let those of you know - who are in London or passing through - that the Px counter is 50% off as they close on the 31st Jan 2010. They're selling up all stock so the counter did look about half full of products.

Happy sales shopping!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

A snippet - Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation

Hi everyone - this is just a quick blog post to share a pic of me wearing the Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation which I got recently for my bday.

I like the look - it's quite a flawless finish foundation which when I've been wearing it I have been thinking to myself 2 things:

1. I've got a bit of a Hollywood glow
2. Where are my pores?

It's early days yet but so far so good. Only con at the moment is its packaging is a screw top jar - so it feels a bit more messy and 'unhygenic' than a pump.

Here's a pic:

It's freezing - that's why I'm wearing the earmuffs (another bday prezzie and it's from Muji!

Hope you all manage to get everything you need to do before the hols! I know I will be wrapping up warm!


Friday, 11 December 2009

A one word workout

I saw this post on 15 steps, a beauty blog and so wanted to join in on the fun. A Q&A session about describing yourself in one word - which I did for the most part ; D

Your hair: ponytail
Your mother: hardworking
Your father: old school
Favorite food: Thai
Dream last night: none
Favorite drink: tea
What room are you in: guest room/computer room
Hobby: makeup!
Fear: the unknown (which I am getting better at conquering!)
Where were you last night: playing netball finals!
Something that you aren't: vindictive
Muffins: ok
Wish list item: perpetual happiness
Where did you grow up: Hong Kong
What are you wearing: T-shirt, leggings & Chinese jacket
Your pets: none
Friends: loyal
Something you're not wearing: a hat
Favorite store: Selfridges
Favorite color: black
Last time you laughed: today
Your best friend: I've known since I was 8!
Best place you go to over and over: Hong Kong
Person who emails you regularly: my parents
Favourite place to eat: London!
Where's your cell phone: in my Chinese jacket pocket that I'm wearing

So - over to you! I tag everyone!

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

IMATS London anyone?

So since joining YT, I knew that IMATS held an annual show in London. There's one coming up on the 30 and 31 Jan 2010 and I'm considering going just as am curious. But the ticket price is a bit hefty - £33 for one day. Does this come with any freebies or special events for e.g.? The list of exhibitors interest me (Dermalogica, MAC, A-Design to name a few!) and would love to see Terry Barber from MAC.

I'm not a makeup professional of course but since starting this beauty blogger/YT phase of my life, I cannot help but want to go. Anyone else interested and will be passing through London at that time?

Have you been before, and what do you think of it? Would love to hear from you.

Linkie poos here:

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Shu Uemura workout session II - some more treats

Girls and boys - I feel a new brand obsession coming on.....

I have been loving the items that I bought from Shu last month, so much so that I've been waiting for their next discount event with bated breath. So after a drink at the pub with workmates tonight, I conveniently walked past the Covent Garden store on my way home via the tube. Lo and behold the event was on tonight so I excitedly stepped into the store.

One thing I have to say that I like about the Covent Garden Store, is the friendliness and approachability of the MUAs. Like last time, I felt like I could browse at leisure, with no hassle or pressure, as well as get some personal attention when I asked for it. Tonight was also a special night because they set up the place with playing cards (some game theme), with free champers and wine as well as snacks incl Ferrero Rocher (yay!), and a free prize draw. A bonus was that customers could choose one card from a pack of cards which offered a special discount on products ranging from 20%-50% off, depending on the card you selected. I chose one that gave me 25% off - not bad I say!

Prior to my last impromptu shopping stop at Shu last month, I only had one blush and one eyeshadow quad in my collection. I'd read varying degrees of reviews of their shadows (particularly before they were reformulated) and blushes - some good and some not so great. The one blush and e/s quad I have I've really liked and the fact they are still in my collection and still used is a testament to that.

So I decided to get 4 e/s of my favourite colours/shades - bronze and neutrals (3 metallics and one matte and which fit nicely in a Prescriptives palette I already have) and one blush.

Top L-R: ME 810 (rich brown reddish) bronze, ME 860 (copper bronze), P350 (gold khaki), M820 (matte grey taupe)
Bottom, in the LE Hikari Sables D'été e/s quad, clockwise from top right: ME Teak, IR Shell, P Sand, P Pebbles

Then swatched on the back of my hand
Top row L-R: ME 810, ME 860, P350, M820
Bottom row from the quad L-R: ME teak, P Sand

Also I am loving atm bright blush which stems from my purchase of M Orange 55 during my last visit. It just gives such a lift to your makeup look, if your eyes and lips are muted especially. I'm liking it. I am of course being careful not to overdo it - to avoid the china doll look. So here's the blush - P Red 14 which is a bright pink with a lovely subtle sheen:

Like last time, I had fun. And that is the kind of experience that makes you want to return - which some brands could really learn from (#ahem MAC#). Of course, the quality of the products and how much you like them are the determining factor so I'm going to road test the e/s and blush for a bit before reviewing them. I'm interested to see how they compare to my other favourite e/s - and MAC of course as I think the colours are dupable. From the word go, the Shu e/s give a lovely metallic finish and are smoother to the touch than MAC.

For those of you in the vicinity of the Covent Garden store in London - the event finishes tomorrow with a 20% discount on all products. If you do go, let me know how you get on and how you found the customer service.

Also, do share your experiences of Shu products!

Monday, 30 November 2009

Workout at Becca! Friends & Family Global discount of 25%

25% discount offer valid only at or via phone orders.

Enter promo code: FF1209 at checkout

Valid now until December 4th 2009 (midnight EST)

What will you be getting? I'm thinking Watermelon peach tint...

I would highly recommend their duo concealer if you're wondering what to get ; D

Friday, 27 November 2009

Beauty Blog tag!

Long time no blog everyone : D Hope you've been doing well. This is a long overdue blog as I was nominated very kindly for blog awards by 2 fellow beauty bloggers- jellyminx and clearlybeautiful.blogspot. Thanx laydeez!

So I #think# this is what I have to do in order to accept these awards:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog. (I tried but it won't paste!)
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Name 7 things that people might find interesting; (yikes) (Gorgeous Blogger award)
5. Nominate 7 Bloggers
6. Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs/Email them letting them know they have been nominated.

OK so here goes. 7 things that might be interesting (which I have covered some of them in a YT vid!) and which are the first things that come to my head:

1. I am part Chinese, part English. Love you Mum and Dad!
2. I play in a netball league. Love it for the team spirit and competition to push yourself to be a better player for the team.
3. I only started to get into makeup about 5 years ago after joining makeupalley - so I was a late bloomer!
4. I lost 25lbs on Weight Watchers and have kept it off for 4 years.
5. I have been on a couple of makeup courses which I found challenging and fun - definitely out of my comfort zone!
6. I have a scar on my right eyebrow which my mum unintentionally and accidentally dropped me whilst I was sitting on her lap as a baby as she was playing mahjong (popular Chinese domino like game) - it can be an exciting game that you forget your baby is sitting on your lap!
7. My day job is a Project Manager so I pride myself on excellent organisational skills at work. However, this doesn't apply to my home life sometimes!

7 blogs I love & that I check pretty much daily and who I nominate - most of them there are no surprises (in no order):

- belledejour at
Just a very cool lady living the life in NYC

- lollipop26 at
What can I say - the original beauty blogger and YTer

- gossmakeupartist at
Another what can I say - we all love him. Just a great giving person - and a talented MUA and a Brit to boot!

- rougedeluxe at
This is my trusted source for all that is happening in Asia. Always keeping in touch with what's new and researching for my visits there!

- birdsdecoratebrances at
Just the most gorgeous eye looks ever. EVER.

- makeup bag at
My trusted source of info for things going on in the US, again another place I stop at to research for US trips!

- 15 steps, then a beauty blog at
A newly found blog for me, great FOTDs and reviews. Look forward to more!

Take care now : D

Friday, 13 November 2009

A Smashbox Workout - makeover and Interview with Daniel Chavez, Director of International Artistry and Training

I had a bad end to a tough week at work so it was with great relief and release when I left work tonight as I had a makeover booked at the newly launched Smashbox counter at Debenhams in London's Oxford Street. There was no booking fee. I was tres excited because I am indeed a fan of the line, and have always wanted a makeover from a Smashbox professional, not least from one of their top artists and trainer of Smashbox artists worldwide.

It didn't go without hiccups as when I arrived Daniel had popped to the loo, though the other artists thought he had left for the day. Disappointed, and miffed because I had had a difficult end to my working day, I left feeling dissatisfied. But soon after (whilst browsing in House of Fraser next door), I received a call from the Smashbox counter saying they had got it wrong and apologised as Daniel was indeed in the building and had wanted to see me and could I come back. It didn't take much persuasion : D And it was worth going back. Daniel is lovely. Of course he and his team were there to promote Smashbox so no doubt there would be much extolling of the line. But, and maybe cos I was receptive to it, I liked that he was so full of energy, had genuine enthusiasm for the Smashbox line and was all ears, patiently answering questions of customers and shoppers. This picture says it all:

It was with some trepidation that I agreed to be his model for a demonstration (you know the kind where the MUA puts on a microphone set so that he can be heard above the shopping buzz?) but once I placed myself in those black director chairs with the Smashbox logo printed on it, I already felt special. Yes, I am taking this way serious ; D

Daniel demonstrated a black/grey smoky eye look on me using a few new products I haven't tried and some that I love. I've posted a pic with details of what was used at the bottom of this post.

Daniel was kind enough to answer my many questions (whilst he was making up another customer at the same time - I'm an avid supporter of multi-tasking!) - so here they are. Again, I only had a pad and paper so I have paraphrased it.

Smashbox has been a brand available internationally for some time, so what is the reason for its appearance in a London store now?
Daniel: Smashbox has been available at QVC UK for about 5 years now, and it was an exclusive contract held with QVC which has come to an end just this year. So we've only just now been able to open counters in the UK.

What would you say distinguishes Smashbox from other makeupartist lines?
Daniel: Smashbox is different in that it was created to be a problem solving and innovative line, both to deal with the hot lights and long working hours on professional TV, film and photography sets as well regarding itself as a fashion forward makeup line.

What's the difference between the Jet Set eyeliners and the Cream eyeliners?
Daniel: The one thing you notice about the Smashbox permanent line is that there are no eyeliner pencils - practically every other cosmetic makeup brand does have an eye pencil. But what happens to an eyeliner when it is near heat (ie hot weather/environment)? It melts. It's the same when you apply eye pencil to your waterline, the warmth from your eye makes it melt and wear off. That's why Smashbox created Jet Set as well the Cream eyeliners - to prevent this melting effect so that they stay on longer on your eyes. Both of these products are the same thing with the exception that Jet Set is made to set in c.15 seconds whereas the Cream eyeliner sets in 60 seconds so you have more playtime (ie. can smudge the eyeliner) before it sets.

Name one product that you would recommend as a must have to a newbie to Smashbox?
Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder

Name one product that you would recommend as a must have to an existing Smashbox fan?
Photo Finish Foundation Primer (which is, if you haven't heard of it by now their No 1 best selling product)

Who's your favourite celebrity to make up?
Well, I haven't been making up celebrities for a while now as I have been busy travelling for Smashbox, but the most recent celebrity job was backstage for the Ugly Betty cast for the SAG awards 2009. They were really fun - I did America Ferrera, Vanessa Williams and the best was making over Becki Newton. She was really lovely and friendly - beautiful.

Here are some pics I googled of Daniel's work at the SAG Awards 2009:

Becki Newton

America Ferrera

Vanessa Williams

And this is a cheeky question, but is Hank Hoffman married? (For those of you who aren't aware, Hank Hoffman is one of Smashbox's top MUAs and who features on alot of their YT vids and on the Smashbox website - having built up quite a fan base - go check him out!))
Daniel: (laughs) Ummm....not sure if I am allowed to say......

I'm asking a cheeky he attached?(snigger, snigger)
Daniel: Yes...let's say he is attached!

In the end, it was a really nice event and Daniel was so obliging - of which I appreciated. Cheers Daniel!

I didn't purchase anything (and there was no pressure to either), as I am waiting to check out the Holiday Eye Wish palette which comes out in Debenhams next week - it's a new lemming!

Here's a final pic of Daniel and I (under the obligatory Smashbox signage!)

I didn't have time to write the colours/shades of the products that were used on me but here's what was used:

Anti Shine
Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation UVA/UVB SPF 15
High Definition Liquid Concealer
Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder
Brow tech
Photo Finish Lid primer
Cream e/l in Caviar (love this!)
Twilight e/s trio (shades of silver, black, frost white, and yes inspired by the book/
Layer Lash primer
Lash DNA mascara (love this too and I learned a good trick which I wll post soon!)
O Plump (didn't like the ginger/menthol feel to this)

There were also some tips from Daniel that I'll be posting about in the next few posts, cos this one has just gone on too long!

I hope you enjoyed it anyway, and I would check out the Smashbox counter if you are near a Debenhams that stocks it in the UK. Best to ring up. The line has some hits and misses - would you like me to post my experience of these and some of the things I loved - and not loved? Just let me know.

Thanks for bearing with the length of this - and for staying with it!

Monday, 9 November 2009

WEEKEND FOTD WORKOUT - Shu newbies and MAC Espresso

Just a FOTD that I did over the weekend which was easy to do using my new Shu purchases and a MAC e/s I received in a swap.

Here it is:

MAC Espresso e/s is surprisingly one of those shadows that is easy to blend into a smoky eye without needing to have a billion e/s to create depth. I also used a smidgen of my fave black eye khol on the outer corner - YSL Kajal Majorelle (LE) - and then used a brush to blend it out and upwards. Any waxy black khol or gel e/l would do - you could use Stila Kajal e/l in Onyx.

Also using my new Shu blush, brown cream e/s as a base and Shu brow gel - which I am liking both very much.

Here's the rest of the products I used:

LM Moisturising foundation in Sunny Beige
Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Powder Fdn (L2 Warm Medium)
Becca duo concealer in Tahini
Jouer flesh colour e/l on bottom inner line
Shu cream e/s M Sand Brown as an eye base
MAC Brule on brow highlight and inner corner
MAC Espresso all over lid and blended upwards
YSL Majorelle Kajal on outer corner and upperwaterline
Maybelline WP Full & Soft mascara in Very Black
Shu brow gel in Forest Black
Shu glow on blush M Orange 55
A touch of MAC Global Glow on top of cheeks
Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine

Any fave e/s that you like to use for a smoky eye?

Saturday, 7 November 2009

A British Beauty workout - my top 5 British beautiful exports

This post is a chat really on 5 British actresses currently in Hollywood who I think are just beautiful and whose beauty, style, elegance and talent I admire. It's spurned on by this month's UK Instyle cover girl - Thandie Newton. She's one of the top 5 for me. And I emphasise the 'current' bit (cos lord knows I could go back to the 40s with Vivienne Leigh, Liz Taylor etc).

Thandie Newton

Rachel Weisz

Catherine Zeta-Jones

PS. CZJ has come a long way in the makeup department IMO!

Kate Winslet

Emily Blunt

I loved the Harper's Bazaar UK cover of Emily, and the spread in the magazine was also really cool. I still have the issue.

They're all brunette-ish (bar one). Go brunettes!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Shu Uemura workout - a treat

I took advantage of tonight's 20% discount at the Shu boutique in Covent Garden and took home a few things. I had a tough day at work today and amidst a few weeks of feeling a little low lately (work reasons - nothing insurmountable but y'know we have our off weeks) I wanted a treat : D I've also wanted to try some Shu blushes. I haven't bought anything from Shu in ages but I have one blush from them that I absolutely adore (M Peach 44) which just lights up my face. Seriously, if I feel sick or am looking pale this blush does wonders.

So I went in without much research and really just needed to enjoy a pleasant makeup experience. Which I did. The MUAs were so nice and not at all pressurising - just completely letting me play around for as long as I wanted and being available when I needed. And the shop was busy with customers in and out but the MUAs managed it really well IMO.

So I came away with this:

Below, a swatch of the blush - M Orange 55. It is gorgeous. A real instant pick me up. Looks bright in the pan - but layered on gradually and then blended out it looks stunning IMO! I really wanted to try a stronger, more intense blush - something that I'm not used to.

Then 2 unexpected buys - eyebrow gel in Forest Black and cream eyeshadow in M Sand Brown. I was looking for a coloured eyebrow gel in wand form (like MACs but they never had testers out!) and the MUA showed me this gel e/l (reminds me of Bobbi Brown's gel e/l) and it seemed so easy when she applied it (I watched in a hand mirror). Time will tell if I can recreate it! She also suggested the brown cream e/s not only as a base but said that it will bring out any e/s colour, and she proceeded to show me applying a bright lilac and then a dark bronze e/s over it. They both were intensified - I was quite surprised that the brown colour didn't dull the e/s colours as I expected.

So here are some swatches:

And of course, I've always wanted to try the cleasing oils which are so famed - and I was given samples of the tea tree oil version.

All in all, the experience was a definite pick me up. And what I needed. Something new that I wasn't expecting - but not overboard IMO. Definitely I'll be looking out for the next 20% discount Shu event at the Covent Garden store which they're organising before Xmas (though I don't know the date yet).

I'll let you know how I get on with these products : D

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Le Metier de Beaute vs Laura Mercier - Foundation workout

I have found my HG foundation. Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Powder foundation. End of.

The makeup fiend in me is always drawn to foundations. I think I've only just realised that. I think maybe because I think base is an important, perhaps THE most important, part of a good makeup look. I have quite a lot of foundations, and have tested quite a lot too. Yesterday was no exception : D I met up with some lovely UK makeupalley members - we meet up every so often - in London (hello ladies if you are reading this)to trawl around the counters and have a spot of lunch.

So, we were at Liberty and I wanted to stop by the Korres counter, just to play. Opposite Korres was a newish brand to Liberty - Le Metier. Now I had read about the brand from various bloggers but nothing really caught my eye as it seemed to me to be in the same box as Chantecaille and By Terry - both brands that don't quite do it for me. (Ok, maybe Chantecaille does sometimes)

If I'm honest the beautiful SA caught my eye - she had a great smoky bronze eyeshadow thing going on (I am a sucker for bronze shadows) and so I moseyed on over. With a quick scan of the products in front of me, the row of foundation bottles caught my eye too. They reminded me very much of Laura Mercier's packaging and when I swatched their Classic Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation on my hand - it seemed very similar to my LM Moisturising Foundation, except it had a bit more 'shine'/'moisture' in its finish.

I then asked the MUA to apply it on me (she used their synthetic foundation brush) and the resulting finish was very nice and polished. It gave very good coverage and had a bit of 'shine' to it. A bit of powder over it reduced the shine. The MUA proceeded to tell me that the foundation was developed to be long lasting and so there was no need for a primer. It also contains hyaluronic acid (something that always pricks my ears) which binds moisture to the skin - and a property you find in anti-ageing creams to keep skin supple and moisturised when the skin ages. For the next few hours the foundation stayed on well but on my T zone (especially on my nose)
I became shiny - in that not good way - and touching up with powder took that away although maintained the foundation's 'moisturised' overall look.

I got home and took some pics in order to compare it against my LM moisturising. I know the lighting varies (and I look a bit more yellow in some pics than others - but I tried my best). So here they are:

Close up of coverage and finish of Le Metier Classic Foundation in IV

Close up of coverage and finish of Laura Mercier Moisturising Foundation in Sunny Beige

Full Face Le Metier foundation

Full Face LM foundation

I think they are very similar in packaging, coverage, durability, quality and almost similar in finish. Le Metier's gives a bit more shine and feels a tad bit more tacky. The LM is more of a satin finish and for my combo skin does not look dewy or shiny at all. Le Metier retails at £40 whereas LM retails at £32. Both would last you ages.

For my skin now I would pick the LM because it is practically the same product, a bit cheaper and is not a shiny finish as I find the Le Metier on me. But then Le Metier contains hyaluronic acid which helps moisturise your skin. So I think this foundation would definitely suit drier skins and I would definitely look at it if my skin turns drier as I get older. I cld see this working for my mum for e.g.

This turned out to be a very long post, sorry bout that, but I just typed as I thought! If you've lasted this long thanks for staying with me! Hope it was helpful anyway.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Some more Va Va Voom - this time a Revlon nailpolish workout

I don't celebrate Xmas (my family don't celebrate it so never grew up with it - New Year and Chinese New Year were always more the event) but I do love the new collections that come out at Xmas - makeupwise as well as fashionwise. The UK drugstore Superdrug has particularly been good over the last couple of years with their Xmas gift sets and I stumbled across this little number today - The Revlon Va Va Voom Red Nail Collection (it isn't just fate that made me name my hair blog post yersterday Va Va Voom).

Revlon nail polish was the first nail polish I ever tried (mum's favourite) and a glamorous American brand that was available growing up in HK. I thought this set was a perfect gift (for me!) but also imagined my niece enjoying it - and it's perfect for travelling with great bright colours (which I would wear all year round). It's a really great collection of colours I think - I've always wanted to try 2 colours in this set, One Perfect Coral and Cherries in The Snow.

The set retails at Superdrug for £5.99, each bottle is 5ml and has a very decent sized nail brush. A steal IMO and a perfect gift.

Some quick swatches (bit messy in parts and I tried different lighting) - I did 2 coats:

From Left to Right: One Perfect Coral, REvlon Red, Cherries In The Snow, Frankly Scarlet

My description of the colours:
One Perfect Coral - bright coral with more orange tones (matte)
Revlon Red - a true retro red 1950s style (matte)
Cherries In The Snow - quite similar to Revlon Red just with a touch of fuschia in it
Frankly Scarlet - a pretty metallic shimmer light red (metallic)

The colours are pigmented and go on smoothly with no streaks. A clear top coat would give a great shine. I can report in due course too about its durability.

Have you bagged yourself any new holiday collections?

Monday, 19 October 2009

Some va-va-voom to my hair workout - Samy Salon FAT HAIR styling creme

I love my hair, it's always been good to me. Only recently have grey hairs started to appear but I've always loved its colour, never dyed it, loved that in the early 90s I could make it grungy and stringy or totally hippy thanks to its total inability to keep a curl or waves. Total straightness a la Jennifer Aniston without having to do much to it.

But since I moved to the UK, I think the hard water has contributed to it drying out and becoming more fine. Age too : D So this year I began to make an effort to achieve healthy, voluminous and styled hair. Afterall, getting your makeup right and trying to follow through with a decent outfit - and then no hair effort - seems a bit of a waste : D

I am not good at styling my hair. Period. If ever there was a workout for me, it's definitely The Hair. I just don't have the patience and get tired so easily with styling The Hair. But when I do make the effort - I go the whole hog ie. the volumising mousse, spray, ceramic huge velcro rollers and some backcombing (can I just say that I don't do this often, when I do it takes me ages!). I have had great results with Loreal's Tecni art range. But I need to simplify on a normal day to day basis.

Girls and boys, say hello to Samy Salon FAT HAIR styling creme:

I bought this on a whim in Superdrug - it's bright red and has huge lettering so I thought what do I have to lose? I am going to do a YT vid review on it. It is pretty good and fuss free. You do have to rub it in. You do have to blow dry your hair to activate the creme. No mousse, no gel. Just a cream you blend in. No crunch. It is a bit sticky but doesn't leave a residue in your hair if you blend it in well and most importantly it makes my hair look like it has body and has been styled (no flyaways) and dare I say it - it gives me some almost-Cindy-Crawford-90s-style hair. And is the only product that seems to make the body and movement in my hair last well throughout the day.

The only downside is the packaging, as it's difficult to squeeze out the creme from the bottle - but they've realised this and now it comes in a pump style container. I'm also trying out their shampoo from the same range - and will give a verdict in due course.

Anyone else tried this line?

Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Powder Foundation - a faithful workout

Ok, so I gotta stop waxing lyrical about this foundation - especially seeing as it's only 3 months to go before Prescriptives opens its counters for business for the last time on 31 January 2010.

But I wanted to share how I can wear this foundation both wet and dry to achieve natural finishes both in sheer and heavier coverages. I took them over about a month probably - and tried to get the same lighting in the same room, but it's not possible with the UK weather!

For info, I wear Level 2 - Warm Medium.

Applied dry and a sheer layer - my freckles! : D

Applied dry with a medium coverage

Applied wet with a sheer coverage

Applied wet with a medium coverage

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

FOTD workout thanks to 2 recent swaps

I did this FOTD a couple of weeks back using 2 recent items I received as swaps from makeupalley - MAC Signed, Sealed e/s and Stila Kajal in Onyx. Both are fast becoming favourites in my collection.

Both wear extremely well on alot of fronts:

- they apply very easily
- they last very well (a good 12 hours IMO)
- they are pigmented and vibrant
- as they are so pigmented, you only need a light touch IMO (esp with Signed, Sealed - really only a touch and blend it out on the crease)

MAC Signed, Sealed is a matte deep dark brown purple with warm brown tones in it (more brown than purple) and is unique in my collection. I'm impressed with the Stila Kajal - as I had thought it would be similar to UD 24/7 Zero which did not work for me - but it totally is not. It applies so well on the waterline and so easy, and smudges equally well without that greasy smudgey effect (not in the good way!).

Likey, likey.

Products used:

Px All Skins Mineral Powder fdn in L2 Warm Medium
MAC Bare Canvas all over lid
MAC Brule e/s all over lid
MAC Signed, Sealed blended well in crease
Stila Kajal Onyx to waterline and on lashline and smudged
Maybelline F&S WP mascara in black

Have you had any recent swap items you are working well?

Monday, 12 October 2009

Working my NYC vintage party dress find (at least I hope)

As I had mentioned in my YT vid about my NYC clothes/accessories finds, a great vintage store I came across on 5th Avenue was Cheap Jack's, check it out at The staff were very helpful - and were also stylists - so I felt well looked after.

It's a striking teal dress with (in my mind) lovely ruching detail on the shoulders and pairs very well with black! On a dinner out with the boyfriend I wore it with black tights, a black H&M tuxedo jacket from many seasons ago and some black suede peeptoe heels. Fashion is what you feel special in, as well as what makes you feel comfortable. I felt very special in it - hence love it.

What's your recent favourite outfit?

NYC Jewellery workout - Guenevere Rodriguez

As I covered in my YT video, Guenevere Rodriguez has a small stall on Prince Street on Sundays where she sells some of her pieces. I really like the delicateness and lightweight look and feel of her pieces - it is definitely something that I can wear all at one time - or individually. They might seem too fine, almost ethereal like, when worn but the fact that they are makes them all the more eye catching.

Here is her website and hopefully if I am able to go to NYC again, I'll be checking her store out for sure -

Do you have any favourite jewellery designers?

Sunday, 11 October 2009

My New York Love Affair......

I'm writing this post whilst SATC is on the telly in the background. I had a blast in NYC. I've been about once every 2 years in the last few years, and this time I spent the longest time there - one week. My girlfriends and I rented a flat in Greenwich Village - and the stay there made me fall more in love with the area! Looking back at my pics - I didn't take many actually (and the ones I post here are just general -without my pals for confidentality really) - but lately I am just loving living life - through just creating and remembering experiences.

We did quite a bit of shopping, a bit of museum and gallery hopping, went to the Marquee Club (which was ok but nothing to write home about). Generally I just love walking round NYC. I also visited Ground Zero for the first time and was very humbled by it.

Though I know NYC much better now than I ever did, I STILL get confused by the directions of which way up I should go up a street or avenue! : D Of if I am going uptown or downtown!

The food was really good. The makeup was good (you will have seen my haul vid!). The company was good. Just catching up with old friends and each other's lives was just endearing and special. : D

So onto the pics

NYC street and cab on Broadway!

Carrie's stoop (check out the No Trespassing sign)and street

Joh's Pizzeria in Greenwich Village for a slice : D

We were lucky to get a balcony with our flat and had breakfast practically
each morning on it!

Pancakes at Pastis in the Meatpacking District

...then followed by a must stop to DVF & to peer in where Whitney Port went to work every day (such a sucker for those Hills and City girls)

We also spent some time in the Woodbury Outlet (way bigger than Bicester here in the UK!) and I managed to score a few things there and elsewhere shopping in NYC. I'll make posts of my purchases slowly with the next few posts. Managed to see some celebs too - Andrew McCarthy, Famke Janssen, Kelsey Grammar - and even Earl Spencer (Princess Di's brother) and his 2 daughters! New York is just so fabulous! : D
I had a total blast.......just trying to schedule my next trip there : D