Saturday, 26 December 2009

First Boxing Day Sale purchase workout - Prescriptives!

Hope you all had a lovely lovely day yesterday with family and friends. I don't celebrate Xmas but my mum was round and we tucked into a hearty Lamb stew she made, finished with mince pies and custard (courtsey of Sainsbury's and Bird's Eye) and watched 2 DVDs. 'Crossing Over' which was a good film about both sides of the immigration story in LA (Mum chose it cos Harrison Ford was in it) and 'The Young Victoria' (which I chose cos Emily Blunt is in it). Emily Blunt is just so gorgeous. The makeup was simple but her porcelain flawless skin was perfection -like cream! And her blue eyes (or contacts) just beamed out against her rosy cheeks. Gonna rent the next film with her in it called 'Sunshine Cleaning'. But I digress, back to the title of this post!

My mum and I braved for a short while the Boxing Day Sales in Oxford Street - which wasn't bad until about 12pm when EVERYONE came out! (We got there a bit earlier). I went to the Prescriptives counter in House of Fraser as an overseas pal (Meta you!) wanted a custom blend lipgloss and I also took the chance to get this little baby which I had my eye on a bit when it came out a few months ago - the Holiday Warm Collection Palette. From £40 RRP to £20 on sale.

I can't wait to use it - they are so me colours, and the blushes seem very me too.

I just wanted to let those of you know - who are in London or passing through - that the Px counter is 50% off as they close on the 31st Jan 2010. They're selling up all stock so the counter did look about half full of products.

Happy sales shopping!


  1. Thank you C!!! :D

    Sounds as if you've got a great deal there! Do you mind snapping one cool and one warm pallette for me??

  2. Sure - gonna be in the area tomorrow so will get both palettes if any left.