Sunday, 1 November 2009

Le Metier de Beaute vs Laura Mercier - Foundation workout

I have found my HG foundation. Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Powder foundation. End of.

The makeup fiend in me is always drawn to foundations. I think I've only just realised that. I think maybe because I think base is an important, perhaps THE most important, part of a good makeup look. I have quite a lot of foundations, and have tested quite a lot too. Yesterday was no exception : D I met up with some lovely UK makeupalley members - we meet up every so often - in London (hello ladies if you are reading this)to trawl around the counters and have a spot of lunch.

So, we were at Liberty and I wanted to stop by the Korres counter, just to play. Opposite Korres was a newish brand to Liberty - Le Metier. Now I had read about the brand from various bloggers but nothing really caught my eye as it seemed to me to be in the same box as Chantecaille and By Terry - both brands that don't quite do it for me. (Ok, maybe Chantecaille does sometimes)

If I'm honest the beautiful SA caught my eye - she had a great smoky bronze eyeshadow thing going on (I am a sucker for bronze shadows) and so I moseyed on over. With a quick scan of the products in front of me, the row of foundation bottles caught my eye too. They reminded me very much of Laura Mercier's packaging and when I swatched their Classic Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation on my hand - it seemed very similar to my LM Moisturising Foundation, except it had a bit more 'shine'/'moisture' in its finish.

I then asked the MUA to apply it on me (she used their synthetic foundation brush) and the resulting finish was very nice and polished. It gave very good coverage and had a bit of 'shine' to it. A bit of powder over it reduced the shine. The MUA proceeded to tell me that the foundation was developed to be long lasting and so there was no need for a primer. It also contains hyaluronic acid (something that always pricks my ears) which binds moisture to the skin - and a property you find in anti-ageing creams to keep skin supple and moisturised when the skin ages. For the next few hours the foundation stayed on well but on my T zone (especially on my nose)
I became shiny - in that not good way - and touching up with powder took that away although maintained the foundation's 'moisturised' overall look.

I got home and took some pics in order to compare it against my LM moisturising. I know the lighting varies (and I look a bit more yellow in some pics than others - but I tried my best). So here they are:

Close up of coverage and finish of Le Metier Classic Foundation in IV

Close up of coverage and finish of Laura Mercier Moisturising Foundation in Sunny Beige

Full Face Le Metier foundation

Full Face LM foundation

I think they are very similar in packaging, coverage, durability, quality and almost similar in finish. Le Metier's gives a bit more shine and feels a tad bit more tacky. The LM is more of a satin finish and for my combo skin does not look dewy or shiny at all. Le Metier retails at £40 whereas LM retails at £32. Both would last you ages.

For my skin now I would pick the LM because it is practically the same product, a bit cheaper and is not a shiny finish as I find the Le Metier on me. But then Le Metier contains hyaluronic acid which helps moisturise your skin. So I think this foundation would definitely suit drier skins and I would definitely look at it if my skin turns drier as I get older. I cld see this working for my mum for e.g.

This turned out to be a very long post, sorry bout that, but I just typed as I thought! If you've lasted this long thanks for staying with me! Hope it was helpful anyway.


  1. I agree Fondation is the item you have to get right, is the most important.
    If there are so many options in the market we need to give them a try, lol

  2. lol....that is true. It is our duty! lol

  3. I didn't like the Le Metier one much when I tried it at the counter, and I have quite dry skin. The MA did pile it on me with a trowel though.

    So sorry I couldn't make the meet up, but my tiny was coming back from my Mum's on Saturday - would have been a terrible mummy if I'd been out all day!

  4. No worries Grace London - there's always the next time and it's good to spend time with family!