Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Shu Uemura workout - a treat

I took advantage of tonight's 20% discount at the Shu boutique in Covent Garden and took home a few things. I had a tough day at work today and amidst a few weeks of feeling a little low lately (work reasons - nothing insurmountable but y'know we have our off weeks) I wanted a treat : D I've also wanted to try some Shu blushes. I haven't bought anything from Shu in ages but I have one blush from them that I absolutely adore (M Peach 44) which just lights up my face. Seriously, if I feel sick or am looking pale this blush does wonders.

So I went in without much research and really just needed to enjoy a pleasant makeup experience. Which I did. The MUAs were so nice and not at all pressurising - just completely letting me play around for as long as I wanted and being available when I needed. And the shop was busy with customers in and out but the MUAs managed it really well IMO.

So I came away with this:

Below, a swatch of the blush - M Orange 55. It is gorgeous. A real instant pick me up. Looks bright in the pan - but layered on gradually and then blended out it looks stunning IMO! I really wanted to try a stronger, more intense blush - something that I'm not used to.

Then 2 unexpected buys - eyebrow gel in Forest Black and cream eyeshadow in M Sand Brown. I was looking for a coloured eyebrow gel in wand form (like MACs but they never had testers out!) and the MUA showed me this gel e/l (reminds me of Bobbi Brown's gel e/l) and it seemed so easy when she applied it (I watched in a hand mirror). Time will tell if I can recreate it! She also suggested the brown cream e/s not only as a base but said that it will bring out any e/s colour, and she proceeded to show me applying a bright lilac and then a dark bronze e/s over it. They both were intensified - I was quite surprised that the brown colour didn't dull the e/s colours as I expected.

So here are some swatches:

And of course, I've always wanted to try the cleasing oils which are so famed - and I was given samples of the tea tree oil version.

All in all, the experience was a definite pick me up. And what I needed. Something new that I wasn't expecting - but not overboard IMO. Definitely I'll be looking out for the next 20% discount Shu event at the Covent Garden store which they're organising before Xmas (though I don't know the date yet).

I'll let you know how I get on with these products : D


  1. 20% off shu?! Why didn't they have that offer on when I was there??
    Great haul btw! Tell me how the eyebrow gel goes!

  2. I know - I only just found out by chance when I popped into the store at lunch...they didn't advertise it of course. So I just need to keep checking back for the next one before Xmas!

    dang girl - why didn't you tell me you had a blog! Hope you having a blast!

  3. I've nominated you for a blog award! Please come check it out. :)