Monday, 28 December 2009

FOTD - bitten by the false lashes bug again!

Felt like posting a FOTD. I've been doing a smokey eye every day this last week and this morning I wanted to do more of a clean eye but bronzed overall look - inspired by Olivia Palermo from The City. I am totally much more of a Whitney fan, but Olivia P has been gaining momentum in the overall style stakes (going to buy next week's Grazia as she's featured in it!). As she has major false lashes (at least I think they are) I blew off the dust of my false lash collection (oh yes, I have one!) as I went through a phase of wearing falsies a while back. I'm too chicken to try Latisse or other chemical lash enhancers - I'm pretty sensitive about touching my eyes etc though I wear contacts!

Voila my collection:

Actually looking through it, I threw 4 pairs away as they'd seen better days! My fave lashes are the very natural Eyelure 010 which are the least dramatic but add volume, thickness and a full flutter to my lashes.

So I tried a new pair I bought in the US this year - Ardell 301 corner lashes. I love! Now, I'm not an expert on application - I take longer than I'd like - but these corner ones were a breeze! They also looked quite 'natural' in that they weren't so long that they looked fake in comparison to the rest of my inner lashes - if that makes sense. Ie. it was a gradual lengthening as you went along my lashline. I think anyway : D They also didn't feel like I had anything on - I tend to feel falsies sometimes throughout the day when wearing a full set. But these - I forgot about them until I went to the bathroom : D

My FOTD today:

Chantecaille Future Skin in Cream
Becca Duo Concealer in Tahini
MAC Bare Canvas paint
MAC Brule all over wash
Prescriptives 2009 Hols Warm palette Sage e/s in inner corner and browbone
Prestige Eyeliner in E12 Brown
MAC Dark Devotion e/s to set the liner above (from 2008 Xmas Warm hols colln)
Shu Uemura Brow gel in Forest Black
Maybelling Full & Soft mascara in black
A touch of Bobbi Brown gel e/l in Forest Shimmer on the 'join' of the falsies to my lashline
Bobbi Brown Natural Bronzer matte to contour and bronze face
Prescriptives 2009 Hols Warm palette Cheek Colour in Ginger (so pretty!)
Shiseido Maquillage lipstick in PK347

I love the Ardell 301. For sure. A quick websearch pulls up that they retail at £4.95 (excl postage) at I haven't tried this online retailer before, so if you do - let me know how you find them!

In general, I find Eyelure makes very good full sets too which are currently on sale in Harrods as well if anyone is interested.

What are your fave falsies?


  1. This looks really lovely - the corner lashes look really pretty.

  2. thanks hun...hope you had a great Xmas day!