Friday, 29 May 2009

Fashion workout of the day

So my first fashion post! I'm trying to get more fashion wise with my wardrobe, spent far too much of my youth and twenties playing it 'safe', and so recently I've been trying to hone in on some basic items as well as the frivolous trendy item. I #think# that I am a pear shape (thanks to Trinny & Susannah's definitions) and when I emphasise my waist with a belt or fitted piece of clothing - it seems to be the most flattering for my shape. So, when I saw these 2 wide belts on the House of Fraser online sale I thought they were perfect!

I received them today - which has put me in a good mood for the weekend - and immediately tried them on with an long T, fitted shirt and also a fitted dress for work. They're both from Episode, a good quality brand, and are a gorgeous leather. The kind that's not too soft or too hard - but sturdy enough to help you achieve that great silhouette. And just the right width. They were also 50% off! Black is a given staple of course and I was so tempted by the beige - I'm currently loving the beige trend - as it's great for summer.

What purchases have you made recently which you think are staples in your closet?

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Inaugural beauty workout of the day

So my first makeup post is related to what I wore to work today. On the whole I'm pretty conservative for the office, concentrating on keeping my makeup minimal but somewhat trying to get to pretty. Something that will just make me look bright eyed and bushy tailed.

So I was running VERY late for work today. I hate putting makeup on in the Tube, but it's a necessary evil when I've left home sooooo late. I love watching other people do it - cos I can check out what products they are using as well as any tips/techniques that I can pick up! So before I run out the door, I make sure that I've applied the basics on first which is whack on my HG Sofina Lucent UV SPF50 (doubles up as primer and SPF), mix foundation in with my moisturiser & apply (today was Laura Mercier Silk Creme with Olay Radiance Moisturiser Cream), swipe on Stila Convertible Colour in Rose on cheeks, followed by a quick dash of MAC Paint pot in Soft Ochre or MAC Bare Canvas on eyes, then a sheer wash of whatever eyeshadow I choose - and then grab my bag and RUN out the door.

Next stage is on the Tube where I grab myself a seat and voila - open my makeup bag:

Always listening to my Ipod (this morning was Beyoncé's Sweet Dreams)- I use my trusty Hello Kitty mirror to help me apply the rest. You'll see in here I have:

NYX Iced Mocha eyeshadow (which I used as a sheer wash but just in case I needed to touch up)
Maybelline Full & Soft waterproof mascara in black
Shu Uemura eyelash curler
MAC MSF Natural in Medium (applied with Bobbi Brown's kabuki brush hidden in the bag)
Maybelline Moisture Shine Lipgloss

Needless to say the man sitting opposite me was more intrigued by me taking a photo of may makeup bag and Ipod than by me actually applying my makeup : D

So if you run into me on the Tube, please excuse me getting out my makeup bag. By all means, come on over and have a peek!

Til next time.......

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Hi everyone!

I started reviewing makeup and beauty products like most as a YT channel, and like most, I've decided to add to it by creating this blog. I'd like it to be an extension of my YT beauty channel - so would like it to offer something a little different. Maybe I'll also post about what's on my mind - fashion, style, culture, food, health, world affairs. Maybe it'll be a sort of diary. The world is my oyster : D

Thanks for joining me - and see ya soon!

My YT channel is