Friday, 18 June 2010

On a no buy....lemmings galore Becca Becca Becca

So my no buy on makeup is going well, not bought anything remotely makeup or cosmetic related. : D Been busy at work too so that helps. Haven't bought any fashion mags either ; D

As a result, I am lemming some items. Mainly Becca. Today I tried out their new mineral powder, seductively named Boudoir, the new pink grapefruit beach tint and Songbird blush on top. Love all three!

I think I'm gonna get the grapefruit beach tint, a pretty girly coral, and am umming and ahhing about the mineral powder. I am nearly finishing up my MAC Mineral Skin Finish which I like and need a new one. The Becca one has great packaging, a mirror inside and is something new - always game to try a new thing. But I think the MAC MSFN is a better product - plus you get more for your money. The MAC at £18 is also cheaper than the Becca which retails at £26. Hmmmmm....

Any thoughts on the above? What are your lemmings this week/month?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Brush cleaning - what a workout!

So I normally clean my brushes on a Sunday - which is generally housekeeping day for me! I normally clean my more used brushes every few days (like my foundation and powder brushes, MAC 217 - my most used eyebrush) with Clinique's brush cleanser and then do a more thorough clean once or twice a week for the other brushes I don't use so frequently. I have a large collection of brushes, and I like to rotate them too just like my makeup collection.

Below are the brushes laid out to dry. These are my main stash of brushes that I use regularly, and included in these are my travel set (the pink handled Smashbox Rapture set).

My fail safe method of cleansing is to use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. Cheap and cheerful, and most importantly effective. Not harsh at all.

I've been using Cinema Secrets brush cleanser (mainly cos Tricia Sawyer raves ahout it) but I find that it doesn't cleanse effectively (my brushes are still dirty after a couple of soaks). I prefer the Clinique cleanser to this.

I'll do a vid review of it in the near future.

It just feels so satisfying to have done a full set of washing! LOL

Sunday, 6 June 2010

STOP PRESS!!! New Eve Lom Cleanser - Morning Time Cleanser

So, my regular readers and YT subscribers will know that Eve Lom's cleanser is my HG. I've reviewed many dupes on the market and still come back to her original cleanser. Last Friday I received a press release about the newest skincare item she has brought out - which is called the Morning Time Cleanser.

Imagine my excitement! I hotfooted it to my nearest Spacenk to check it out. Firstly, it retails £35 for 125ml. The SA told me that it is meant to be a convenient version of the original, in a tube so easy for travel and no need for the muslin cloth. She also said that it was a 'lighter' version of the original formula and designed for those who wanted to use something in the morning. I questioned her further as Eve Lom's philosophy is to cleanser once in the day, in the evening, with the muslin cloth and then in the morning only use water to wash your face with the muslin cloth. Cleansing again in the morning though? Sounds a bit to me trying to introduce another step in the regime. I asked whether it was to replace the original version and the SA said no. I'm confused. I think I need to go to an Eve Lom specialist at one of the spas to ask further : D

Now, the muslin cloth for me is all part of the routine. And I rather liked the fact that my skin got used to using the cleansing balm in the evening and only water in the morning - which I think is one of the reasons my oil production has regulated since using this balm.

Anyone bought it yet and used it? Do let me know what you think. I'm on a no buy of course (and still have my current Eve Lom pot to get through)so won't be purchasing this now.


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Zuneta workout - a haul and then a no buy!

Taking advantage of this past Bank Hols 20% discount offer over at - I made an order last minute Sunday night. And it arrived today! I've only ever ordered from Zuneta once before and was impressed then, and am super impressed this time. The Customer Service is pretty darn good - friendly and prompt. I ordered a number of things and they wrote to me to say that my order was on its way to me but that one item, Malin & Goetz Eucalptyus deodorant was out of stock but that they were expecting new stock within the week and will be sending it immediately. I liked how their CS was to the point but friendly too, not the usual corporate official response.

And I've always liked the effort they put in the packaging. So here's what I got:

Extras were a sample of Hourglass' Mineral Veil primer and a Mane 'n Tail Shampoo. The MD Skincare Alpha Beta peel pads were definitely on my list since reading Belledejournewyorkcity's blogpost on it and how it cleared up her skin. I'm trying it out tonight!

And the Becca Watermelon Beach Tint has always been a product I wanted to give a go. I decided also to try out their cake e/l (I got the black colour, Barbarella) as I have a sample Laura Mercier one that I like (but it's not in proper case packaging) and Becca's packaging always has me sold. Plus I love the Becca MUA on Zuneta's YT channel and made me want to get the tint and eyeliner. I wanted more...but stopped.

NOW, it's not that long since I've been back from Hong Kong and this haul was definitely an unexpected one for me. So I am on a no buy til the end of June when hopefully I can attend the London makeupalley member meet up. I'm thinking of Becca's blush in Songbird for then.....or another tint......arrrgggghhhhh!