Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Shu Uemura workout session II - some more treats

Girls and boys - I feel a new brand obsession coming on.....

I have been loving the items that I bought from Shu last month, so much so that I've been waiting for their next discount event with bated breath. So after a drink at the pub with workmates tonight, I conveniently walked past the Covent Garden store on my way home via the tube. Lo and behold the event was on tonight so I excitedly stepped into the store.

One thing I have to say that I like about the Covent Garden Store, is the friendliness and approachability of the MUAs. Like last time, I felt like I could browse at leisure, with no hassle or pressure, as well as get some personal attention when I asked for it. Tonight was also a special night because they set up the place with playing cards (some game theme), with free champers and wine as well as snacks incl Ferrero Rocher (yay!), and a free prize draw. A bonus was that customers could choose one card from a pack of cards which offered a special discount on products ranging from 20%-50% off, depending on the card you selected. I chose one that gave me 25% off - not bad I say!

Prior to my last impromptu shopping stop at Shu last month, I only had one blush and one eyeshadow quad in my collection. I'd read varying degrees of reviews of their shadows (particularly before they were reformulated) and blushes - some good and some not so great. The one blush and e/s quad I have I've really liked and the fact they are still in my collection and still used is a testament to that.

So I decided to get 4 e/s of my favourite colours/shades - bronze and neutrals (3 metallics and one matte and which fit nicely in a Prescriptives palette I already have) and one blush.

Top L-R: ME 810 (rich brown reddish) bronze, ME 860 (copper bronze), P350 (gold khaki), M820 (matte grey taupe)
Bottom, in the LE Hikari Sables D'été e/s quad, clockwise from top right: ME Teak, IR Shell, P Sand, P Pebbles

Then swatched on the back of my hand
Top row L-R: ME 810, ME 860, P350, M820
Bottom row from the quad L-R: ME teak, P Sand

Also I am loving atm bright blush which stems from my purchase of M Orange 55 during my last visit. It just gives such a lift to your makeup look, if your eyes and lips are muted especially. I'm liking it. I am of course being careful not to overdo it - to avoid the china doll look. So here's the blush - P Red 14 which is a bright pink with a lovely subtle sheen:

Like last time, I had fun. And that is the kind of experience that makes you want to return - which some brands could really learn from (#ahem MAC#). Of course, the quality of the products and how much you like them are the determining factor so I'm going to road test the e/s and blush for a bit before reviewing them. I'm interested to see how they compare to my other favourite e/s - and MAC of course as I think the colours are dupable. From the word go, the Shu e/s give a lovely metallic finish and are smoother to the touch than MAC.

For those of you in the vicinity of the Covent Garden store in London - the event finishes tomorrow with a 20% discount on all products. If you do go, let me know how you get on and how you found the customer service.

Also, do share your experiences of Shu products!


  1. Hmmmm...mental note to visit London early December when the pre Christmas sales are on!

  2. I'm really tempted to try Shu but when I last went in my local store I was pounced on before I'd even gotten chance to wander around. I got scared and ran away lol!

  3. ohhh lovely colours! I love that i'm lemming for it!

  4. how did you find out about these special promotions and discounts in-store? is there a mailing list I can sign up to or something? Thanks xx

  5. missed it :(
    But might just go there anyway - those blushes you got look lovely...

  6. cewek - yes do! 2010 here I come!...

    Jellyminx - aw the one in Brighton? I really like the Covent gdn one now.

    Caffy - am loving bright blushes - I can see both the ones I chose working for you!

    Monica - I just happened to pass the store. Try your local store's mailing list and ask about promotions.

    Gail - do! Let me know what you think about the store - and blushes!

  7. i love that blush..!
    i checked my local shu counter and apparently its been discontinued :(