Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Some more Va Va Voom - this time a Revlon nailpolish workout

I don't celebrate Xmas (my family don't celebrate it so never grew up with it - New Year and Chinese New Year were always more the event) but I do love the new collections that come out at Xmas - makeupwise as well as fashionwise. The UK drugstore Superdrug has particularly been good over the last couple of years with their Xmas gift sets and I stumbled across this little number today - The Revlon Va Va Voom Red Nail Collection (it isn't just fate that made me name my hair blog post yersterday Va Va Voom).

Revlon nail polish was the first nail polish I ever tried (mum's favourite) and a glamorous American brand that was available growing up in HK. I thought this set was a perfect gift (for me!) but also imagined my niece enjoying it - and it's perfect for travelling with great bright colours (which I would wear all year round). It's a really great collection of colours I think - I've always wanted to try 2 colours in this set, One Perfect Coral and Cherries in The Snow.

The set retails at Superdrug for £5.99, each bottle is 5ml and has a very decent sized nail brush. A steal IMO and a perfect gift.

Some quick swatches (bit messy in parts and I tried different lighting) - I did 2 coats:

From Left to Right: One Perfect Coral, REvlon Red, Cherries In The Snow, Frankly Scarlet

My description of the colours:
One Perfect Coral - bright coral with more orange tones (matte)
Revlon Red - a true retro red 1950s style (matte)
Cherries In The Snow - quite similar to Revlon Red just with a touch of fuschia in it
Frankly Scarlet - a pretty metallic shimmer light red (metallic)

The colours are pigmented and go on smoothly with no streaks. A clear top coat would give a great shine. I can report in due course too about its durability.

Have you bagged yourself any new holiday collections?

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  1. Found this post via google. I needed the names of the minis as I had forgotten! Thanks! :)