Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lauren Conrad makeup by Amy Nadine

I came across the website of Lauren Conrad's makeup artist, Amy Nadine, tonight. Her most recent post is about the makeup she did for the look that I recently posted about.

I'm dubious about all the products she used as all being from Mark, but it's her technique that I think also make the look great. So I enjoyed reading how she did it - and might give it a go ; D

Here's the link - what do you think?

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just a teeny weeny post - facial pads from the John Lewis brand

I've used those round cotton pads for as long as I can remember to apply my toner as well as remove my eye makeup. Especially as Superdrug does those 2 for 1 offers for something like under £2.

I was doing a marathon of watching juicytuesday on YT (and I cannot believe how long it took me to discover her - she is just so entertaining and a talent at tutorials to boot)and she recommended using Shisheido cotton pads. They're large and rectangular shaped. I remember using these type of pads whilst growing up in Hong Kong and they were very very soft. They are so much more gentler on the eye when removing makeup - I've always felt that the round cotton pads that exist are thicker in width, though smaller in size, but they tug on the eye.

So, they don't sell the Shiseido pads in the UK, but I found a similar product from John Lewis. It is their Pure Cotton Cleansing Pads - 50 pads for £1.75. Now this might seem more pricey than the normal round cotton pads but I tear one in half - which gives me 2 uses. They are great pads - soft and are very gentle on the eye, and they also don't disintegrate when soaked which is a bonus.

This might seem a bit of an odd post - but I'm so glad I found these and wanted to share. I didn't think that it would make a difference, but I won't go back to the round cotton pads from Superdrug or Boots. I've found something better.

Hope you all having a great weekend!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

....ok, the keyword is WORKOUT! Getting back on the healthy diet & gym wagon....

This is not a makeup post but more a vain hope to help me kickstart my healthy eating and exercise routine - afterall the word #workout' is my blog's name! So I've gained a few pounds since before Xmas which I need to shake off : D My size 12 clothes are feeling too snug for comfort and I want to be ready for warmer weather when you're not piling on the layers which very helpfully conceal any roundedness!

I find I have most success in weight loss when I eat sensibly, moderately and often. Combined with exercise = it's the perfect combo. For me, the crucual ingredient to success is being ORGANISED. When I've thought ahead about the week's food (I don't plan every meal for the week) but stock up with fresh and nutritious food - I falter less. With food, I'm quite lazy and that's where I fall down. If I can't be bothered I'll do what is convenient, especially when I've had to work late then hit the gym meaning I don't get back home til late - grabbing the most convenient thing from the shelves which is normally not good. But I'm learning that it doesn't take long to bung in some fish or meat with some herbs or sauce in the oven with salad, or stir fried/baked/vegetables.

The other thing that works for me is not to have refined carbs at dinner so I avoid pasta, bread, potatoes and rice. It's just meat/fish and veg. It's very hard (esp with Chinese food!) but I've found that avoiding these kind of carbs has a huge benefit in that I don't feel full before bed - and especially avoids bloating. What I do ensure is that I have had rice, bread or potatoes for lunch so that when I go to the gym I can usefully work out.

2 more little points (!):
- Bring colour into your food. Different coloured veg - peppers, beans, aubergine, corn, red onion e.g. Makes it way more appetising.
- Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. I find it difficult to breakfast like a king (not awake enough in the morning!) but I definitely try to have more at lunch than at dinner. It's the carbs that make it more substantial at lunch.
I'm in no way shape or form a fitness/nutrition expert - but the above has worked for me thus far.

I just wanted to share some of the dishes I've made over the last 2 days - also so that I can look back at this when I'm not feeling motivated. Get back in there Claire! #wink#

Breakfast: 2 Weetabixs with Allbran, with skimmed milk and a drizzling of maple syrup

Lunch: wholewheat spaghetti with p[rawns and spinach lightly stir fried, with fresh pomodoro tomatoes mashed in as sauce

Dinner: Oven baked seasoned monkfish with lightly stir fried spinach with garlic, topped up with Thai Sweet Chili sauce

My lunch tomorrow: wholegrain brown rice, lightly stirfried beansprouts, broccoli and celery in soya sauce with steamed white fish garnished with sesame oil, coriander and topped with cashew nuts.

These are the sauces that are integral to me to give flavour to my dishes. They hail, in the main, from the Far East so you have soya, Teriyaki, Sukiyaki, thai sweet chili and fish sauces, sesame oil (only a little bit!), peanut butter (mixed in with a bit of chili and sesame oil is a delish salad dressing), maple syrup, light mayo, ketchup, English mustard and tomato paste. With these ingredients I find I need less oil and completely avoid canned or bottled sauces which hide a lot of fat and calories.

I've just realised that this post is way too long but it's what I'm thinking at the minute. More posts in due course to come of course.

For those of you on a healthy regime, what are you star secrets?

Sunday, 21 February 2010

FOTD Lauren Conrad - love her look

As most of you will know LC ha been flogging her new book on a US tour and I enjoy seeing what she comes up with in terms of fashion and makeup looks for her various signings and intervies. I love her look here:

Ok so yes, I know photoshopping helps a lot with the smoothness and dewiness of her skin. I really like the eyeliner and bronzer flush. It's a neutral look - but there is a lot of makeup there to deal with the constant photo flashbulbs!

I do like the Hills - not so much now that Lauren is out - but I really look forward to checking out her style book that comes out in October this year. I don't think I can quite bring myself to purchasing her fiction books though....not unless I'm going for a beach hols.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Lookie here - swap workout!

Swapping has been on the slow for awhile now so I am trés excited about this swap which landed through the post this last weekend:

Makeupforever HD foundation

Ever since meeting YTer whatstyleistonickel in person at London IMATS and also gossmakeupartist's review on it - I've wanted to try this foundation. I've never tried anything from MUFE before - so I'm guessing that this is a great first product to try!

So, I tried to swatch it on the back of my hand but doesn't come out that well. I got it in shade #125 which is a tad bit warm for me, though I have yet to play with it on my face of course.

Looking online and for swatches, as well as checking Sephora's shade descriptions, it's difficult to choose a shade without a counter for me! I so prefer swatching at a counter. London stores gurumakeupemporium in Hammersmith and PAM in Shepherd's Bush do stock the line, but I might just check the other colours when I next visit HK in the next few months.

Will update on how I find its finish, staying power etc but in the meantime I would love to hear from you about what you think of this foundation?

Monday, 8 February 2010

Lisa Eldridge - UK celebrity makeup artist and the MUA behind Boots No7

I've just discovered a relatively new beauty channel from the UK makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. She's the woman behind the remaking of No7 line from Boots, and since she's been involved with them I think No7 has definitely improved and become more appealing.

Here's her channel:

I've been loving catching up on her YT videos, and the most recent her skincare ones as I've enjoyed finding out what she uses! She uses quite a bit - a true cosmetic junkie at heart!

The one thing that I really like about her channel - is her manner and the way she talks about makeup and skincare - crossing both her own personal opinion and use of makeup/cosmetics as well as her professional opinion of the products she uses in the fashion and beauty industry.

I can't wait to see how she develops her channel, as she gains popularity and more subscribers, as I am very sure she will.

Here's her website too:

Seriously, check her out.

Friday, 5 February 2010

The strangest thing eva..........NYX in Harrods?!?!?!

I trotted along to Harrods today cos I wanted to check out the new MAC collections and also Zara which is opposite Harrods. Didn't get anything - though going to hint to the boyf about MAC Oil Control Lotion for Valentine's #wink# - and when I was last at Harrods, I went to the 4th floor to check out the sales. I was quite impressed by the womenswear trend section on that 4th floor - so went to check it out today.

Browsing from the Warehouse and French Connection concessions to Juicy Couture and Joseph, I found myself wandering to the more expensive brands such as Milly, Sonia Rykiel. And Lo and Behold! A NYX stand! There was no MUA but a full stand!

They had the jumbo eye pencils, the lip pencils, mosaic blushes, foundations, lipglosses, some eyeshadow palettes. I couldn't see any prices am afraid. But am so surprised that it's in Harrods! They had quite a lot of products too. They even had label stickers with both NYX and Harrods logos on it - so there must be some special relationship there. Didn't think to take a pic - must be smarter next time #knocks head#

I only have one NYX jumbo eye pencil, French Fries, which I really like but don't wear often cos they crease soooooo badly. I was interested in Black Bean, Milk, Cottage Cheese which were all there. But didn't get any in the end cos the colours didn't grab me IRL.

On exiting Harrods, I saw opposite the road a huge ad on the facing building for a new Topshop that's gonna open there. Gosh. I might be frequenting Knightsbridge much more now.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Soap & Glory recommendations?

I'm about to do a review on a Bliss product on YT, and over the last few months I've been seeing more and more Soap & Glory products being reviewed and blogged about. Marcia Kilgrove is the mastermind behind Bliss and Soap & Glory. I like the Bliss poroduct so I wondered what should I try from Soap & Glory?

Any recs?