Sunday, 11 October 2009

My New York Love Affair......

I'm writing this post whilst SATC is on the telly in the background. I had a blast in NYC. I've been about once every 2 years in the last few years, and this time I spent the longest time there - one week. My girlfriends and I rented a flat in Greenwich Village - and the stay there made me fall more in love with the area! Looking back at my pics - I didn't take many actually (and the ones I post here are just general -without my pals for confidentality really) - but lately I am just loving living life - through just creating and remembering experiences.

We did quite a bit of shopping, a bit of museum and gallery hopping, went to the Marquee Club (which was ok but nothing to write home about). Generally I just love walking round NYC. I also visited Ground Zero for the first time and was very humbled by it.

Though I know NYC much better now than I ever did, I STILL get confused by the directions of which way up I should go up a street or avenue! : D Of if I am going uptown or downtown!

The food was really good. The makeup was good (you will have seen my haul vid!). The company was good. Just catching up with old friends and each other's lives was just endearing and special. : D

So onto the pics

NYC street and cab on Broadway!

Carrie's stoop (check out the No Trespassing sign)and street

Joh's Pizzeria in Greenwich Village for a slice : D

We were lucky to get a balcony with our flat and had breakfast practically
each morning on it!

Pancakes at Pastis in the Meatpacking District

...then followed by a must stop to DVF & to peer in where Whitney Port went to work every day (such a sucker for those Hills and City girls)

We also spent some time in the Woodbury Outlet (way bigger than Bicester here in the UK!) and I managed to score a few things there and elsewhere shopping in NYC. I'll make posts of my purchases slowly with the next few posts. Managed to see some celebs too - Andrew McCarthy, Famke Janssen, Kelsey Grammar - and even Earl Spencer (Princess Di's brother) and his 2 daughters! New York is just so fabulous! : D
I had a total blast.......just trying to schedule my next trip there : D

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  1. I love NYC too! Would move there in a heart beat! :)