Monday, 13 December 2010

Much love for ASOS......and hello again Hong Kong

After succumbing to my office cold last Friday, over the weekend whilst trying to win the battle (I totally hate being sick!), I got online happy. I ordered some skincare gifts from ASOS on Saturday and it arrived at my door today. Wow. Impressed with the service fo sho'.

Here is the neat, crisp box (no doubt where it's from!)

The Breast Cancer Care giftset and Bliss At Home Oxygen blast gift set:

The Elemis giftset is for me ##coy## as when it first came out I loved the fact that my HG Pro Marine Collagen cream came in a delightful pink container. The Bliss gift set is for my sister (don't worry, none of my family read my blog : D ) as I thought as a busy mum, often tired off her feet, that a relaxing but energising skincare set would be just the ticket for her. The set comes with full size triple oxygen instant energizing mask (which my friend raves about and it froths on your skin so once it's fizzled out you wash it off), triple oxygen +C energizing cream and triple oxygen instant energizing eye mask.

With the Elemis gift et I have tried everything before - mainly in a gorgeous facial - but I absolutely love the pink container for the Elemis Pro Marine Collagen cream - will definitely be using this for travel! I also wanted to try their perfume for the first time. Love the pink bag too. This giftset came with:

Pro Marine Collagen Cream
Cellular Recovery capsules
Elemis Parfum
Visible Brilliance
Pro Marine Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust

Both sets were 20% off this last weekend and I will definitely be perusing ASOS much more now....

........and I am missing family and want to escape the cold so I am making an impromptu visit to Hong Kong next week. I can't wait. Just to rest, eat, be with family and play with my young nieces - and kinda go back to my roots again. Just need to be refreshed.

So what better way to sign off with my favourite song at the moment..........REPRESENT!!!!

Far East Movement - Like a G6


Saturday, 11 December 2010

How difficult is it to finish a lipstick?!

(Excuse my camera pics at the moment - I can't quite find my better one - so I am using just my web cam)

I am feeling a bit frustrated. You know you have those makeup items in your stash that you're not grabbing for anymore and it's sitting aamongst a family of other unused items? These 3 lipsticks pictured have taken me AGES to use up. When I want to chuck out a lipstick but use it up before it goes bad - I tend to use them daily for work. That's the only way I will get to use them on a regular basis in the hope that that bullet goes down quickly! So here are the l/s I am trying to use up from top and clockwise:

Becca Gisella Sheer Tint Lip Colour

A nice pinky beige nude with medium pigmentation and a lovely application. Has a moisturising finish with a tiny bit of sparkle. Lovely packaging with a screw mechanism (rather than the traditional top) and it feels lovely on.

But it doesn't last long and dries my lips out a bit.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Pinky Beige 721

A really lovely pinky beige as well and a great drugstore price. But this has a bit of a waxy smell which turns me off and the lipstick does dry my lips out.

NARS Roman Holiday lipstick

This is a pale lilac colour, and I love the name because of the film. Applies nicely and creamy-ish (not as creamy as MAC's cremesheens or Clarins Rouge Prodige) but doesn't last long. It's the only lilac lip colour I have - and I don't think it suits me. Also the rubber packaging is wearing off and becoming a bit sticky : /

I'm nearly there with the Becca but the Maybelline and NARS is gonna take some more wearing. I tend to reapply only 2 or 3 times a day at that - I'm just so busy at work I don't tend to retouch.

...that's it! The power of retouching..........

Any makeup frustrations for you lately?


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Some essentials for winter 2010.....

....just a short post about some items I have added into my makeup and skincare regime for the oh so cold and blustery and snowy weather! Though I don't have any serious dryness that you can see on my skin with the drop in temperature - my skin just doesn't have the same 'bounciness' or moisturised look with my normal year round skincare.

I've been adding MAC's strobe cream to my foundation to make it more moisturising but at the same time giving a luminous finish. This helps me look like I have a glow within.

I love also adding a generous pour of Jurlique's Eucalyptus Body Oil to my body moisturiser (I use SolarSilk from Creative Nail Design)and it just adds that bit more of moisture but also a gorgeous uplifting but relaxing smell. Though I do apply the oil by itself - I still find it bit greasy and mixing it in with a body moisturiser seems to make it less so. Also makes the oil go longer : D

And finally I did a YT review on this last year, but Euceerin's Hyaluron-Filler night cream is perfect for moisturising my skin at night. It feels very protected. It is the most richest cream I have used - and will leave a slight film of oil in the morning - but I'm not averse to that as I'm at home anwyway. And I feel that it really settles it from a whole day of indoor heating and the cold outside.