Saturday, 7 November 2009

A British Beauty workout - my top 5 British beautiful exports

This post is a chat really on 5 British actresses currently in Hollywood who I think are just beautiful and whose beauty, style, elegance and talent I admire. It's spurned on by this month's UK Instyle cover girl - Thandie Newton. She's one of the top 5 for me. And I emphasise the 'current' bit (cos lord knows I could go back to the 40s with Vivienne Leigh, Liz Taylor etc).

Thandie Newton

Rachel Weisz

Catherine Zeta-Jones

PS. CZJ has come a long way in the makeup department IMO!

Kate Winslet

Emily Blunt

I loved the Harper's Bazaar UK cover of Emily, and the spread in the magazine was also really cool. I still have the issue.

They're all brunette-ish (bar one). Go brunettes!


  1. Thandie Newton is just stunning!!

  2. She so is...and her fashion style choices are always elegant - even when she's rocking a more contemporary edgy style...