Thursday, 26 May 2011

........I was n-a-u-g-h-t-y....

Kanebo Sensai Fluid Finish SPF15 203 Natural Beige (totally sucked into how this is Lauren Conrad's foundation)

Shu Uemura eyeshadows in:

P brown 873 (gooooorrrrgeeeeoussssshhhh) and
ME brown 850 (legend)

I have the day off tomorrow and will be shopping! Yipppeeeee! Wonder what awaits?!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Nails of the Week using my fave brand China Glaze. And yellow flowers make me smile : D

I totally rate China Glaze. Their polishes last at least 5 days on me without chipping. LOVE.

This week I am wearing Designer Satin - a creme. It's a medium pink, just a notch below what I would call Fuschia. It's not too bright at all - but just flash enough. It's going to be a classic colour nail polish for me - alongside my fave China Glaze Paint the Town Red (or Essie Jelly Apple).

And yellow flowers make me smile. Totally cheers up a space. I just wish flowers didn't die so quick (about the same time my nail polish chips!) as I don't have a cheap florist near me.

What are you wearing/styling this week?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Simple, clean FOTD using UNE Healthy-Glow Mineral Powder. Also compared to Bobbi Brown Natural Matte Bronzer

I haven't bought makeup since coming back from HK in April, which might not seem a long while, but for me it is!

I read online that Lauren Conrad suggested using a mineral bronzer to achieve a nice glowy effect, on top of your favourite foundation. I would have gone straight for my HG Prescriptives All Skins Mineral foundation in a darker shade - but oh yeah, the line's discontinued : (

So I picked up the UNE Healthy Glow Mineral Powder from Boots - which is a pressed powder. I got it in H07 which was the darkest shade at the counter. There were other lighter shades which were very nice, but I did want something that would show up. H07 is more on the orange side of bronzers (think the Kardashians) but blended out it works well on me I think. UNE is from the creators behind Bourjois, and this is the first product I have tried from their line.

PS. Am due an eyebrow threading session this week - hence the overgrown brows!

But I am also loving this FOTD I did on the weekend using:

Becca LSC in Camel mixed with Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid
Becca Duo Concealer in Tahini
Shu Uemura brow gel in Forest Black
MAC Tan pigment blended all over lids
Maybelline Full&Soft mascara in black
MAC Virgin Isle CCB on high points of cheek
UNE Healthy-Glow Mineral Powder applied and blended liberally on cheeks
Smashbox Photo finish lipstick in Flirty mixed with Carmex lipbalm

I'm impressed with the UNE bronzer. It's pigmented, very smooth and easily blended. There is a mirror ontop of the casing which is great. I've compared it in pics below to my other loved bronzer - Bobbi Brown's matte Bronzer in Natural below.

BB on the left, UNE on the right.

As you can see the UNE has more reddish orange undertones to it. The BB is that tad finer and smoother on touch. The BB is also truly matte, whereas the UNE has a tiny bit of shimmer to it and the more blending it into the skin - the more glow you will have.

The UNE is not overly shimmery at all - it wouldn't act as a highlighter. But it has that glowy effect mineral powder products have - but it's not too OTT which is what I like.

Other details:
The BB bronzer retails at £24 for 8g
The UNE bronzer retails at £14.99 for 7.5g

The UNE bronzer is by no means an inexpensive product (compared to other drugstore items) but as a mineral pressed powder offering, if you can't afford the BB, it's a good one to try.

Have you tried UNE products? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Easy peasy dinner - for when you're tired

Tonight's dinner. I'm trying to get back into my healthy eating regime, cos I have not been watching my diet and health for the last few months! This week has been my reboot, and I've just come home from the gym. You know when you haven't been for months, the first time is always a shock to the system! Why oh why did I stop my routine......

Sainsbury's Crispy & Sweet salad box
Quickly boiled broccoli and spinach (already cut) ontop
2 boiled eggs
Few sprays of olive oil
Sprinkle of mixed seeds
Black pepper
Dried chili flakes

Total cooking time from getting home to placing food in my mouth: 20 mins

About 2 years ago I stopped having refined carbs with dinner (normally white pasta or white rice) and this really helps with weight loss I feel. Especially at dinner when with these carbs I want some tasty, heavy laden with sauce meat and veggies. Without the refined carbs, generally, but especially at night I go to bed less bloated. I concentrate eating wholewheat pasta, bread, noodles, rice etc at lunch.

I'm lucky I love veg (although I don't think I could be vegetarian). This is light and easy, and a way to get eggs into my diet as I don't incorporate them in my diet usually!

What are your quick fix healthy dinners?

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My 70s inspired outfit of the day, plus face of the day (I am a 70s baby afterall!)

I'm planning a major and so overdue clearout of my wardrobe and at first attempts I came across a midi denim skirt that I haven't worn a lot. It's from a Monsoon sale a year or so ago and I've never really been able to nail an outfit from it without looking frumpy.

Inspired by the current 70s trend and for midi skirts - I think I found a way to work it. With colours of tan, slight pink and gold accents - all in neutral tones.

The main colour is the denim skirt that is an A line flare (Monsoon) , but I tried to balance it out with a slouchy light pink lightweight T shirt (Whistles) with a white tank (M&S), doubled with a tan belt (can't remember from where). The wedges I'm wearing in here I decided not to go with, as it seemed to drag the whole look down, so opted for gold bow peep toe wedges (Dune).

The tan leather bag is my newest fave accessory - which I got from the Island Beverley Shopping Centre in Causewaybay in Hong Kong.

All clothing items are from the depths of my wardrobe - so am afraid that these items are not available anymore.

I have been wearing bright red nail polish for at least the last 2 months, I can't get enough of it. My fave is Essie Jelly Apple which I have discovered is a dupe of China Glaze's Paint the Town Red - the latter that I already had in my collection! Major clearout needed indeed : D I think the retro red colour just goes so well with gold jewellery - the rings I got from San Francisco at a stall. My necklace (seen below in my FOTD pics) is a delicate gold chain with crystal beads from Gogo Philips at Topshop.

I went for a clean, bronzed FOTD which involved:

Chantecaille Future Skin foundation
Becca Duo Concealer
MAC e/s in Brule and Cork all over lid
MAC e/s in woodwinked and Antiqued on lower lashline
Prestige khol e/l in brown
Maybelline Full& Soft WP mascara
MAC Happy Together blush
MAC 2N l/g

Phew, long post! How do you veterans do it?! : D

Any rediscoveries from your closets or makeup arsenal?