Friday, 5 February 2010

The strangest thing eva..........NYX in Harrods?!?!?!

I trotted along to Harrods today cos I wanted to check out the new MAC collections and also Zara which is opposite Harrods. Didn't get anything - though going to hint to the boyf about MAC Oil Control Lotion for Valentine's #wink# - and when I was last at Harrods, I went to the 4th floor to check out the sales. I was quite impressed by the womenswear trend section on that 4th floor - so went to check it out today.

Browsing from the Warehouse and French Connection concessions to Juicy Couture and Joseph, I found myself wandering to the more expensive brands such as Milly, Sonia Rykiel. And Lo and Behold! A NYX stand! There was no MUA but a full stand!

They had the jumbo eye pencils, the lip pencils, mosaic blushes, foundations, lipglosses, some eyeshadow palettes. I couldn't see any prices am afraid. But am so surprised that it's in Harrods! They had quite a lot of products too. They even had label stickers with both NYX and Harrods logos on it - so there must be some special relationship there. Didn't think to take a pic - must be smarter next time #knocks head#

I only have one NYX jumbo eye pencil, French Fries, which I really like but don't wear often cos they crease soooooo badly. I was interested in Black Bean, Milk, Cottage Cheese which were all there. But didn't get any in the end cos the colours didn't grab me IRL.

On exiting Harrods, I saw opposite the road a huge ad on the facing building for a new Topshop that's gonna open there. Gosh. I might be frequenting Knightsbridge much more now.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. :O I think I may have to pop to Harrods one day to get a few of those jumbo eye pencils! Thanks for letting us/me know :D xXx

  2. ooh. how much did they mark up a drugstore price though, thats my only concern

  3. moonbeamstarlight - it was the weirdest thing!
    Yin - i know. I could't find any prices though.

  4. Jumbo eye pencils are £4.95 so that will give a pretty good indication of prices for other products.
    Think I'll stick to Cherry Culture...even with import tax!

  5. whoops! Sorry about the name... I should've asked first really, my bad!! but thanks for telling me :) x

  6. no worries hun! you weren't to know ; D

  7. Thanks for the heads up, sounds like its definitely worth checking out, hopefully prices won't have been marked up too much! x

  8. Hiya, did you see how much the jumbo eye pencils were?


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