Sunday, 21 February 2010

FOTD Lauren Conrad - love her look

As most of you will know LC ha been flogging her new book on a US tour and I enjoy seeing what she comes up with in terms of fashion and makeup looks for her various signings and intervies. I love her look here:

Ok so yes, I know photoshopping helps a lot with the smoothness and dewiness of her skin. I really like the eyeliner and bronzer flush. It's a neutral look - but there is a lot of makeup there to deal with the constant photo flashbulbs!

I do like the Hills - not so much now that Lauren is out - but I really look forward to checking out her style book that comes out in October this year. I don't think I can quite bring myself to purchasing her fiction books though....not unless I'm going for a beach hols.



  1. I totally agree! Do you they're extensions? Looks so healthy and volumised....

  2. her hair is

  3. No i think they have to be extensions. THere are a lot of pics of her coming out of a salon with extensions afterwards. soooo pretty though :)