Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just a teeny weeny post - facial pads from the John Lewis brand

I've used those round cotton pads for as long as I can remember to apply my toner as well as remove my eye makeup. Especially as Superdrug does those 2 for 1 offers for something like under £2.

I was doing a marathon of watching juicytuesday on YT (and I cannot believe how long it took me to discover her - she is just so entertaining and a talent at tutorials to boot)and she recommended using Shisheido cotton pads. They're large and rectangular shaped. I remember using these type of pads whilst growing up in Hong Kong and they were very very soft. They are so much more gentler on the eye when removing makeup - I've always felt that the round cotton pads that exist are thicker in width, though smaller in size, but they tug on the eye.

So, they don't sell the Shiseido pads in the UK, but I found a similar product from John Lewis. It is their Pure Cotton Cleansing Pads - 50 pads for £1.75. Now this might seem more pricey than the normal round cotton pads but I tear one in half - which gives me 2 uses. They are great pads - soft and are very gentle on the eye, and they also don't disintegrate when soaked which is a bonus.

This might seem a bit of an odd post - but I'm so glad I found these and wanted to share. I didn't think that it would make a difference, but I won't go back to the round cotton pads from Superdrug or Boots. I've found something better.

Hope you all having a great weekend!

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