Tuesday, 23 February 2010

....ok, the keyword is WORKOUT! Getting back on the healthy diet & gym wagon....

This is not a makeup post but more a vain hope to help me kickstart my healthy eating and exercise routine - afterall the word #workout' is my blog's name! So I've gained a few pounds since before Xmas which I need to shake off : D My size 12 clothes are feeling too snug for comfort and I want to be ready for warmer weather when you're not piling on the layers which very helpfully conceal any roundedness!

I find I have most success in weight loss when I eat sensibly, moderately and often. Combined with exercise = it's the perfect combo. For me, the crucual ingredient to success is being ORGANISED. When I've thought ahead about the week's food (I don't plan every meal for the week) but stock up with fresh and nutritious food - I falter less. With food, I'm quite lazy and that's where I fall down. If I can't be bothered I'll do what is convenient, especially when I've had to work late then hit the gym meaning I don't get back home til late - grabbing the most convenient thing from the shelves which is normally not good. But I'm learning that it doesn't take long to bung in some fish or meat with some herbs or sauce in the oven with salad, or stir fried/baked/vegetables.

The other thing that works for me is not to have refined carbs at dinner so I avoid pasta, bread, potatoes and rice. It's just meat/fish and veg. It's very hard (esp with Chinese food!) but I've found that avoiding these kind of carbs has a huge benefit in that I don't feel full before bed - and especially avoids bloating. What I do ensure is that I have had rice, bread or potatoes for lunch so that when I go to the gym I can usefully work out.

2 more little points (!):
- Bring colour into your food. Different coloured veg - peppers, beans, aubergine, corn, red onion e.g. Makes it way more appetising.
- Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. I find it difficult to breakfast like a king (not awake enough in the morning!) but I definitely try to have more at lunch than at dinner. It's the carbs that make it more substantial at lunch.
I'm in no way shape or form a fitness/nutrition expert - but the above has worked for me thus far.

I just wanted to share some of the dishes I've made over the last 2 days - also so that I can look back at this when I'm not feeling motivated. Get back in there Claire! #wink#

Breakfast: 2 Weetabixs with Allbran, with skimmed milk and a drizzling of maple syrup

Lunch: wholewheat spaghetti with p[rawns and spinach lightly stir fried, with fresh pomodoro tomatoes mashed in as sauce

Dinner: Oven baked seasoned monkfish with lightly stir fried spinach with garlic, topped up with Thai Sweet Chili sauce

My lunch tomorrow: wholegrain brown rice, lightly stirfried beansprouts, broccoli and celery in soya sauce with steamed white fish garnished with sesame oil, coriander and topped with cashew nuts.

These are the sauces that are integral to me to give flavour to my dishes. They hail, in the main, from the Far East so you have soya, Teriyaki, Sukiyaki, thai sweet chili and fish sauces, sesame oil (only a little bit!), peanut butter (mixed in with a bit of chili and sesame oil is a delish salad dressing), maple syrup, light mayo, ketchup, English mustard and tomato paste. With these ingredients I find I need less oil and completely avoid canned or bottled sauces which hide a lot of fat and calories.

I've just realised that this post is way too long but it's what I'm thinking at the minute. More posts in due course to come of course.

For those of you on a healthy regime, what are you star secrets?


  1. This post is absolutely yummy!!!
    if my dishes looked like that i´m sure i wouldn´t have so much trouble with my diets!! and im sure they taste great too...thanks for posting this, i feel inspired, maybe you should post some recipies...
    hang on to that workout, i know it can be really hard but it's also reaaalllyy worth it!! xxx

  2. Kudos to you incorporate some sort of fish in your diet. I find it hard to find and prepare dishes with fish...but I'd eat everything you've prepared so far. Looks YUM!

  3. It's a constant battle. Don't lose focus!

  4. maria g - thank you! I hope that when I am feeling low this post will inspire me too! Yep, 1st week nearly over....and am proud!

    Tamuna - thanks! Since moving to the UK I tend to have less red meat generally - though I like a good chicken wing and a steak every so often : D I've always been a fan of veggies. Would love to know what yummy dishes you do!

    Mme Brigitte - definitely. I am doing good thus far - might hit a peak in a week or so time!xx

  5. My first post on your lovely blog!

    I'm a total foodie and I have to say that your dishes look scrumptious... mmm, I just had a big breakfast (it's Sunday.. it's okay to breakfast at noon, no?), but looking at your post has got my belly grrrrowling.

    Please do post some recipes when you can.

    I'm naturally skinny and have a slim bone structure so I can eat whatever I like, but I have a bit of a gourmet palate, love food, eating and cooking (though not every single day), and I am a little bit health conscious.

    My advice (to anyone looking to get fit) would be to ENJOY your meals, but to eat thoughtfully (i.e. don't give in to random crappy cravings), chew slowly (makes a HUGE difference, even if it sounds silly), exercise regularly (makes you hungry so you can eat even more, yaay) and get lots of smiles and kisses, best of all.