Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday shopping workout in Milton Keynes

Was visiting in Milton Keynes today and picked up a few things. The one thing I will say about shopping outside of a big city like London, is that you can really find some gems. Whilst there aren't the newest fashions, newest gadgets and toys, newest cuisines - and of course newest makeup collections - that London gets, likewise there aren't the same numbers of people that will snap up everything new. The demand I guess isn't that great perhaps in correlation to supply. Supply and demand.
: D

Milton Keynes has a great number of brands - and in the makeup department does quite well with a Debenhams, House of Fraser, Boots and John Lewis so you can get your Dior, Chanel, YSL, Guerlain, Laura Mercier, MAC etc - but no Bobbi Brown, Elemis or SpaceNK with NARS, Chantecaille etc. But I'm quite happy with the selection of brands on offer.

Anyhoo - on to my shopping workout today.

I have run out of my trusted SPF Sofina Lucent UV and need something to tide me over in the sunscreen dept til I next go to HK in a few months. So I have read alot about La Roche Posay sunscreen and I'm interested in trying other things from this brand, after having a good experience with their Respectissime eye makeup remover. I do have to say that I did look at other 'drugstore' brands on offer in Boots and I'm really surprised at how little independent sunscreens that are on offer. There are a lot of moisturisers that offer SPF (SPF 20 mainly)and LRP and Vichy were the only ones that offered a sole sunscreen product. A trick missing there.

So I settled on Anthelios SPF 30+ Fluide Extreme. The lotion seemed similar to the Sofina Lucent in that it has a liquidy consistency and feel. This is designed especially for oily skins so is lightweight and I am hoping that it doesn't exacerbate oils. It retails at £14.99 from Boots.

I then moseyed on into TK Maxx and was looking at the bag sections and came across a really nicely bean shaped tan coloured bag from RiiK2, a brand that I have seen in John Lewis. It was a really nice colour but just a bit small for me and I wasn't that bowled over by it and then another bag caught my eye:

I don't know if there is a brand to this bag - can't find a label. It's real leather and for me a fantastic colour and shape. It is new but has a vintage look and feel. Brilliant for work as well as for when I want to look a bit smarter going out - meeting with the Bank Manager maybe? : D I'll never be able to afford a Hermes Birkin (let alone have the patience or inclination for the insane waiting list) nor a Mulberry. But I think this looks much more classy and smart than a Mulberry. I love it and thought it was a totally great buy - £49.99.

The last thing was a piece of clothing - in black. What was I saying a few posts ago about needing to veer away from black?! : D This dress was a steal from Zara basic at £12.99 in the sale. I was wondering how I could incorporate the lace trend in my wardrobe - was thinking a lace undervest to wear with a blazer or tux jacket. This dress is better. It's got a bit of a 50s vibe and the higher waist band is flattering from my round pear shape. It's very comfy - not itchy at all - as it has an underlining.

Might wear it at this coming weekend's IMATS event in London. Maybe. : D

What have been your purchases or discoveries this weekend?


  1. wondeful buys! Zara have some great dresses, it's prob nearly as muxh of a fave as Topshop for me. Sadly my TK Maxx is always abysmal, no great finds there - the vultures get there first I suppose! x

  2. Love the Birkinesque bag, what a classic and the dress gorgeous. No shopping for me this weekend saving for IMATS!Didn't know you had a blog, love your YT!xx

  3. G - they have some great fashion pieces, specially if you just want to update your look. Though black ain't really updating ; D
    Definitely shopping outside of London - or in a med sized town - was less pressuring!
    Be in touch see re IMATS

    Holly - yeah thanks! You are a good girl to save up. I am v excited about IMATS as I've never been - so am so curious and really look forward to meeting other bloggers/YTers! We shld try and find each other in the madness ; D
    Thanks for you comments on the YT btw, am feeling a little guilty that I haven't posted a vid in over a week. ; D

  4. I have that sunscreen and used it a couple of times on holiday, but am still undecided!xx

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  6. I love it when the hard work in TK Maxx pays off - lovely bag. That dress is so pretty too.

  7. Monica - it's similar to the Sofina BUT it totally balls up if I try and blend it in with my hands. I need to use a fdn brush to prevent this.

    Ondine - totally! Also just saw your blog - really like it! Just subscribed : D