Thursday, 7 January 2010

BLACK - BLACK - BLACK - BLACK - I need a fashion workout!

Black is probably the one single colour I have most of in my wardrobe. I'm guessing many people do. I love black - I'd say it was my signature and safe go to colour. But I was disappointed when I stood back from hanging up my recent washload of clothes on my airdryer and saw this:

EVERY piece of clothing on the airdryer is black (ok there is a hint of bright pink in there but you know what I mean). I have LOADS of colour in my wardrobe but I just seem to be grabbing all black. I like to dress in black for my office look with statement jewellery or a bright nail colour or lip. But it's getting boring and too safe. I need some colour!

Over the holidays I did my annual wardrobe clearout which felt good but I feel like I need a fashion overhaul. My BFF and I agreed to treat each other to a personal stylist makeover at a department store in February (as our birthday prezzies to each other) and I'm really looking forward to it. We just need to decide on whether it'll be John Lewis, House of Fraser, Debenhams? Within our price range.

Have you ever just got stuck in a fashion or even makeup rut? Or stuck with one colour, pattern or style? What did you do about it?


  1. Black is my colour too
    But I'm bying more neutral tones too. Grey and taupes are my fave. I also love a classic white tshirt or top.
    Can not wait to see you experience with the personal shopper.

  2. Black used to be my colour for a LONG time, then.. my mom passed away and we have a custom here in cyprus to wear black for at least 40 days after we lose a loved one (that wasnt my case because my mom was american and hated this custom) but unfortunately i now have a love hate relationship with black. I hate wearing all black so i try to break it down with a pop of colour like a scarf of a jewel. Overall though, i LOVE black and i find it really sexy and a very very safe go to colour!