Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My new workout of Project 5 pan!!!

This is my first stab at Project 10 pan - though I am starting off slow with Project 5 pan! I believe people find it of interest so I thought I would post what I'm trying to finish off. That's it really what this project means to me - in terms of items I want to finish off - rather than any other criteria. I'm not adhering to the PT5 rules strictly (I actually don't really know what they are specificially!), as in I'm not on a low buy or waiting to finish off these items before purchasing more, the main aim for me is to finish these items so that I can clear some space!

I looked at my collection and wondered how I was ever going to select things to use solidly over the course of the next month (months - I don't know how long!) as I like the variety my collection gives me and allows me to 'play'. I'm already trying to 'Shop my Stash' so that keeps me busy with rotating things from my collection. So I selected things that I like to use - and rather conveniently - things that I am nearing finishing anyway. This is also a bonus because I am then trying this project off slowly - so that I don't get frustrated with an item that I hardly use and 'have' to finish it.

It's kinda like starting that diet but instead of doing it all or nothing - I'm trying the moderation approach.

So I keep my key makeup storage in Muji boxes on top of a clothes cabinet of drawers (to the left in the pic below) and am keeping the 5 items in clear view to remind me to use them!

The items are from top clockwise:

Boots No 7 Higlighting Lotion (in their permanent line)
Boots No 7 LE Gold Hilighting Lotion (I've used this sparingly over the last 2 years cos it's LE and I love it so but I need to use it up to clear space!)
MAC StudioTech foundation
Stila Convertible Colour in Rose
Tarte Rest Assured pencil (I only like the flesh pencil and not the highlighter on the other end)

So, I'm curious to see how I will do, and how long this will take, I'm guessing maybe 1-2months? I'm actually doing rather well on finishing alot of skincare prodcuts (eye makeup remover, creams, toner etc) but makeup is much harder as most of you who have done it will know!

Anyhow, let me know if you found this post interesting or not, cos I'm not sure whether it is of interest to people?

Hope those of you in the UK - or in artic climates - are wrapping up warm!!


  1. Good Luck!! Thank you fo sharing :)

  2. Wow! You really use your product. Good on you!

  3. Those stila convertible colors seem to last a while since you don't need very much! Good luck! It looks like you're well on your way:)