Sunday, 3 January 2010

An accessories workout - courtesy of Accessorize!

In celebration of the last day before heading back to work tomorrow to begin 2010 projects - I packed a fun filled day today with my mum. Bit of cultural visiting, strolling about, pampering and shopping....all in one day.

My mum wanted to see the current V&A exhibition Maharaja - The Splendour of India's Royal Courts so we zipped on over there in the morning. In honour of much anticipated dazzling jewellery pieces in the exhibition, I wore these 2 necklaces from Accessorize.

..they don't quite compare to the exhibition objects, but I felt I had dressed for the part. ; D Check this hefty exhibition object out!:

The ones I got were ones from the Accessorize sale because I thought they looked Olivia Palermo-ish (aka from The City) though I don't for one second resemble her at all - in the looks, style or money stakes! But I think they work together, which I was quite surprised at as I don't tend to layer necklaces. I kept everything else free - so no earrings, bracelets or rings. Especially as after the exhibition, my mum and I went to the nail salon and I went for red manicure polish (which by the way, I am loving, I chose Essie Pepperoni np). I also got this pearl/diamante choker at Accessorize:

I do love that shop, especially so at sale time. You can update your wardrobe simply with a piece of jewellery. After the manicure, I popped into MAC to get Hue l/s as part of B2M, but also a back up of 2N l/g, Relaxed shadestick AND I also picked up Nurture shadestick from the Warm & Cozy collection. Yes, I did. Oops.

The V&A exhibition ends on 17 January so there isn't much time left, it was a fine exhibition, but I was a bit disappointed because I think there was much more that could have been made of the exhibition theme - especially the 'splendour' - as there were only a few choice pieces. And I would have liked a bit more of a story or background to the royal families that were featured. It kind of left me feeling a bit shortchanged. Come to think of it, whether it's a new exhibition, film or the latest makeup product - snazzy titles and marketing does wonders eh? : p

But the best thing about today was spending time with my mum, cause I haven't been that great at it in the past but it's something I am working on ; D

Back to work tomorrow.................


  1. hello gorgeous! so nice to "find" you on here. Those are some hot accessories!

  2. Hello sweetheart! So nice to be here! I think I'm getting into the swing of blogging (a bit!).

    It is so artic here in London!

  3. oh fun post! I'd love to go to an exhibition with you one day, you're the expert!
    & Loving those jewellery finds, Accessorize always has the cutest stuff xxxx