Monday, 18 January 2010

Golden Globes 2010!! My faves

With all the GG buzz, I thought I'd do a short post on whose makeup I liked the most. I've spent the last 2 hours checking out pix (haven't got through to all of them!) with E! online on the telly in the background. My fave is Lea Michele - I love the flawlessness of her skin, the fabulous voluminous falsies, and the pale pink lips with some contouring. These images don't do it justice but it's what I could find.....

Temptalia has better close up images and very helpfully gives a breakdown of what the makeupartist useds, mainly Dior. Hmmmm.....I've only tried mascaras from Dior, but might need to arrange a visit to the counter : D Hmmmm....

I also liked Ginnifer Goodwin, but that might be because I think she looked very different from everyone else, playing on her pixie like hairstyle - but the electric blue short dress (rather than full glam) - made her stand out IMO. Her skin was like cream IMO.

What were your faves?


  1. Definitely Penelope Cruz- looked flawless as usual and loved her makeup! And Drew Barrymore- he dress was amazing! xx

  2. Also- Im really not sure whether or not to believe what I read on sites like Temptalia re. what products the makeup artsists used? I use a lot of a high end make up and am not particularly light-handed, but my make up never looks like theirs!! Their skin is always so flawless...

  3. Yes P Cruz always looks beautiful - without doing too much. Drew B looked sweet as always. I know what you mean about rec products - that's the power of marketing I know. I also like high end products v much - def I've been trying out Chantecaille Future Skin fdn and I do love the Hollywood glow it gives - never really experienced that before. But I think alot of it as well is the MUA application - they're experienced and know all the tricks. But I agree, marketing does alot! : D

  4. Sandra Bullock stole my heart..and how cute war her hubby holding the umbrella for her.

  5. I love Sandy too.....and I thought what blessing/good fortune falls to those that are generous of spirit and love too. ; D