Friday, 1 April 2011

Hey all, I haven't quite been in the mood posting blogs or posting videos on my YT channel. I can't explain why, but for some reason I feel like I've got a YT/blog bug or summin'. But my interest in beauty and makeup hasn't dissipated! I've just come back from a well deserved (if I do say so myself) girlie hols in San Francisco and did some great shopping - fashion and beauty. Spent a bit of moola : D

And I'll be heading out to Hong Kong soon to attend a cousin's wedding. I'm hoping that after that I'll get the blog/YT bug again. It is something I do enjoy - when I do it.

So thanks for hanging in there - and please hang in for a bit longer - and I'm totally enjoying still the beauty blog and YT worlds : D

Take care til


  1. Will def be hanging in!! :) Have fun xx

  2. I miss Hongkers! It's always too short of a time whenever I'm there...

  3. I wondered where you were! Hope you had a brilliant time x