Saturday, 23 April 2011

1st post back into the blogging world - random. Makeup,life,fashion

Hello viewers. I'm gonna use this post to get back into the blogging world, it's gonna be a random 'first' post.

I'm back from my hols from San Francisco and Hong Kong - and the US hols was a hols with the girls and the Asia hols was one with the family. Had good times during both. I didn't do too much damage makeup wise - I think for some reason I've just about reached saturation with my makeup collection. I'm now focusing on swapping (got a some MAC blushes recently) and really only lemming things that are 'new' to me e.g. Dior Summer 2011 bronzers and Clarins Skinfusion foundation at the moment.

Plus, I really need to slow down on the spending money front. I need to save some moola - Pay day is too far away!

I don't want to take life so seriously. Wanna have more fun. Wanna be more silly. Wanna be more adventurous.

I'm still obsessed with Lauren Conrad. Totally psyched she started a beauty/lifestyle website.

I check Catalina Su's makeup blog daily:

I absolutely love ELLE UK, their website too. I don't love the fact that my annual subscription (to save cost) isn't great - I always have to chase missing monthly editions. Crap service.

I aspire to dress like an ELLE woman.

I'd like to be one dress size smaller. Currently a tight UK 12.

To take up my scrapbooking again - I read loads of magazines and paste things from them into this scrapbook which I refer to back and back again-

Am so excited that I have finished my Prescriptives All Skins Mineral foundation powder. It took a long time, though I didn't wear it every single day, but I wore it alot - wet, dry, sheer, heavy. It's a staple. Good job I got loadsa backups!!

Mostly, I want to work on being kinder, funnier, more open and friendlier. I'm too harsh on myself and others at the moment in trying to be an independent woman.

And to you - my thanks for sticking around. Bring on summer!


  1. Lots of good resolutions there, and nice to see you posting. x

  2. good to have you back. x

  3. Thanks to you both - feels good!