Monday, 7 March 2011

Kryolan eyeshadow and Nails Of the Week(s)

So after taking 2 days off as time in lieu, I scored a long weekend. Bonus points for the sun coming out. When I have a day off and need 'me' time it usually involves shopping and a massage : D

After watching YTer makeupbyrenren's videos on Graftobian palettes (foundations to be exact), I fancied a trip to Charles Fox in Covent Garden - a makeupstore in London that specialises mainly in professional film and theatre makeup (they do also stock a small selection of Becca and Illamasqua). I needed some Duo black false lashes glue and also happened to 'peruse' the Kryolan counters. The Kryolan foundation palettes didn't look as convincing as the Graftobian ones (which Charles Fox don't stock) but I did come across this:'s Kryolan's Eye Shadow Compact in V3 (Natural). There are 18 matte colours - and what a range of colours! I bought it mainly to use for makeup on others - friends and families as I have a few events/weddngs coming up. I think it would make a perfect neutral palette-great for a basic every day but totally easy for a dramatic look. They are very pigmented, a teeny bit chalky but not a problem. This cost about £44. It's uh-mazing : D

And then a nail polish that I just can't get enough of atm...Essie's Jelly Apple. This launched in their Winter 2009 collection but I only just discovered it last year. It's a totally gorgeous vintage red...when I pair it with a Breton style top - I feel instantly casual classic : D

When I was reapplying it whilst watching Glee, I accidentally reached for Essie's Raspberry and as soon as it swiped on I thought - No! This isn't Jelly Apple! Nail varnish remover immediately came out : )

My fave nail polish brand is China Glaze because I find their polishes last for a whole week before it starts chipping, and Essie lasts 3-4 days but until I find a dupe for this in China Glaze - Essie's Jelly Apple is a huge rec from me!

Any news laydeez...?


  1. I really like your blog and you tube channel, so please keep posting and doing videos, i use your advice and recommendations a lot Pipx

  2. that palette is BEAUTIFUL! That red is gorgeous- I just love Essie's polishes. My new favs are Lapis of Luxury and Turquoise and Caicos

  3. ooooh, i like the palette! neutrals are the best : )