Monday, 25 April 2011

TheBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer aka the Luminzer - review and swatch

I used to be a real real fan of highlighters, I couldn't get enough of them. When I first became interested in makeup, the highlighter was the one product for which I was on a never ending quest - for THE ONE. But then my makeup obsession grew and turned to other things such as foundations,blushes, eyeshadows etc and highlighters kinda went on the back burner.

In this year's January sales I spotted this highlighter in one of those can-I-be-bothered-to-rummage boxes at the SpaceNK counter in Harvey Nicks. I'd looked at this product before but had decided that it was too shimmery for my liking. It still is, but blending it out really makes the difference. It has sparkles and frost like the majority of MAC MSFs but the texture is much more creamy like. It also doesn't flake everywhere like the MAC MSFs can do, and also I have no qualms about tossing it into my bag (mirror compact handy too) unlike I am with my fave MAC MSF - Refined.

In comparison to NARS Albatross - a much coveted product - theBalm's offering is much more of a pale yellow gold tinge. I find Albatross too white for me. theBalm's colour/tone is more yellow gold with a touch of white gold which is just beautiful. That's what sold me on it I think. Suits my skintone well.

Mary-Lou's Manizer is a surprise to me. I do have to watch it when I apply, as I don't like frost ala the real 70s style, but the fact that I can achieve a very pretty glow on the cheeks, summery dewy like champagne gold eyes or highlighting the inner eye corner or cupid's bow makes this a a very multi use product.

Have you tried this and what are your thoughts? Any other highlighters you love?

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