Monday, 22 June 2009

To Ren or not to Ren? : Shall I try a new skincare cleanser workout today?

As some of you will know from my YT channel, I am a devoted fan of Eve Lom's Ultimate Cleanser. It is the single one thing in my skincare routine to which I am absolutely and resolutely loyal.

I am now scraping the bottom of my current jar : D (which of course gives me great pleasure) and this one has lasted me a good 8 months.

I have tried similar items which have endeavoured to replicate Eve Lom - Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Cleanser, Clarins Marula Oil, Bharti Vyas Skin wisdom for Tesco (UK supermarket). I know Clinique has one - but not so interested in that. Today I spotted another like balm cleanser in SpaceNK - Ren's No. 1 Purity Cleanser.

I'm intrigued by it because it is the closest to the Eve Lom Cleanser in texture that I have seen of all the like cleansers on the market. Also, it had the most gorgeous smell, thanks to the 'silky rose infusion' scent it has. Retail price is £28 for 150ml - which is both just over half the price of Eve Lom, the latter which is less as well of 100ml. And of late, I'm all for trying more natural, 'offbeat' (pardon my ignorance!) lines like Korres to see if they really do make a difference.

I am going to try it. If only really to once again, prove that Eve Lom is the mistress of balm cleansers. Big words I know. : D I'll be posting my review on YT in due course!

Have any of you experienced this product - or of this line?


  1. hi there,
    I watch you on youtube. I would be really interested to see what you think of the Ren cleanser, as i'm quite devoted to the Eve lom cleanser as well!


  2. I have yet to try any of these but I hope to sometime. I am tempted to get some muslin cloths too, just to see how they work compared to the regular towel type cloths

  3. I use the liz earle hot polish cleanser. Initially I hated it!...but think I was scrubbing too hard with the muslin cloth-oops! Tried it again and now love it! Like the look of the REN one though.
    You were the first guru I found on you tube when googling Eve lom cleanser! And now I've been so inspired I've started my own Blog!
    Thanks Moodeve

  4. Aww...I'm so happy that you felt able to do a blog - seriously, it's quite fun. I just need to dedicate more time to it! Thanks for your support!

    Will do a review on the REN in a few weeks time.