Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Hey there all! Just popping in to post because I've been MIA and super bizzy with my family and some friends that have been visiting from abroad. So went to Somerset last week and had a good ol' English Countryside long weekend break - and on the way back to London stopped off at Bicester Designer Village. Of course, no visit to Bicester would be without a mandatory stop at the CCO. And these are my goodies:

MAC Spaced Out Sheertone shimmer blush (love the orange packaging on this one!)
MAC Drizzlegold Loose powder
Clinique Egyptian gel eyeliner

I have been forever wanting to get Spaced Out blush and Drizzlegold. I am turning into such a MAC hoarder! And one that always sees the new collections, doesn't get anything, but then wants after seeing makeup posts and reviews! So I was super pleased to discover these at the CCO.

Any good discoveries lately?


  1. Hi,moodeve,wellcome back. Could you do a review on the gel eyeliner?? I have heared it does great job. Thankss, hope see u soon in YT:Dxx

  2. Sure...will add it to my list. Afraid still won't be able to make vids til end July but I hve loads to do! Thanks for the request

  3. oh how lucky to have gone to a CCO!! Do you think it's worth a day trip to Bicester? I often wonder if I should...? I wish there was a CCO a little closer! Xx Great finds!

  4. Hey Gail : X
    It is worth a trip I think, especially if you haven't been before. The CCO is v small and it may be worth calling them up before going to check out what items are there.

    They have Ralph Lauren, DKNY, CK, Monsoon, Jigsaw, LK Bennet, Hobbs as well as more high end like Jimmy Choo, DVF, Dior - check out their website