Sunday, 14 June 2009

Skincare workout of the month - Bliss Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner

I was never that hot on skincare toners. Back in the day, I used to use the Clinique toners which were so alcohol potent and this turned me off! But especially when I discovered Eve Lom, and her Cleanser which is an ultimate staple of mine and has made such a difference to my skin, I thought that I didn't need one. I still don't think a 'toner' is an absolute must have. But this one from Bliss is doing a good job of convincing me otherwise.

Eve Lom doesn't advocate using toners as they strip oils away from the skin, and her regime and line doesn't include this item. But due to stress and hormones I think, I developed quite a few clogged pores and bumps along my chin line. Now I think this was also because I didn't include in my daily washing a thorough cleanse of my neck, so that the makeup and dirt would just #sit# on the edge of my face on my jawline until I had a shower. But a SA at Mario Badescu suggested I use their Cucumber Lotion which was alcohol free and gentle. I found that it cleared up the congestion quite well, and was refreshing. And it didn't interfere with my Eve Lom cleansing regime.

I then became interested in something that offered me a little something more (as we all do on our beauty journey!)in terms of anti-aging, prevention etc. I moved onto the Dermologica Age Smart toner which at the time was being marketed as the new big thing - but it did nothing for me. Like the spray bottle though, have kept that : D

So - I read about the Bliss Daily Detoxifying Toner in a writeup in some UK magazine. I was intrigued because I've never tried/or been interested in this line though I have bought gifts for family & friends who have all said they like the stuff.

The blurb on the back of the bottle says that it is a:

- 'skin softening toner that provides antioxidant protection against everyday environmental aggressors'.
- delivers a 'dew' back into your skin.
- contains 'calming rose water and free radical-fighting malachite'
- contains 'sodium hyaluronate' to help your skin retain moisture
- is alcohol free
- has a citrus scent

This is where the sceptic in me tries to push aside all the marketing bumpf and hype. The liquid is a liquid, but has a bit more of consistency than your traditional liquid toner so you need to use a cotton pad to apply rather than a spray. The sodium bit I believe as I've used products with this in it before which has really kept my skin moisturised. And I have combo skin.

In short (as this is turning out to be an essay!), I have experienced the follwing benefits:
- the texture of my skin feels smoother
- those bumps on my jawline are much much less
- my moisturiser just glides on

I've been using it for a month now, and want to test it out a bit further, especially as the weather is changing in the UK - and will do a review on my YT channel. So I'm pleased and surprised about this product. I don't care much for the scent - which in my mind is more grapefruit than 'a sublime citrus scent'.

One bottle (200ml) retails at £20 in the UK. I will do another update on it soon!

Has anyone else tried Bliss products - and what's your experience?


  1. Glad to hear this is working out for you! I wonder if it contains salicylic acid in it...I'll have to check this out.

    I've tried a few of their products. I haven't had any issue with them yet but I haven't wanted to re-buy either. I'm excited to try something I've just's their Youth As We Know It serum concentrate.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. Let me know how the Youth serum goes. I bought a gift set from that line for a friend's bday -and she's really liking it.

    I've used the toner now for a few weeks and it's still good....especially when it was hot and humid over the last week in London - it's been pretty refreshing.

  3. I am on the quest for a anti age type toner too. I was using Lancome tonique doucer but I am tempted to try something new. Two companies that I've seen here and never tried are Swissline and Maria Galland.