Monday, 8 June 2009

Beauty workout of the day - #nearly# running late again for work

I WAS on time for work, arriving just before 9am, for a meeting that started on the dot. But I wasn't so organised in the makeup department for sure. See what I mean:

I did the basics of basics, and I look like I only have a hint of colour on. But I feel that I look quite 'awake' and fresh, besides the obvious bags underneath my eyes,with as much discolouration knocked back. Though this is an occasion where I like that my freckles show : D

Products that helped me this morning:
Bobbi Brown Long Lasting foundation mixed in with Olay Radiance Cream
Becca Duo Concealer on eyes (under and on lid)
Tarte Rest Assured flesh coloured pencil on waterline
MAC Gold Mode pigment lightly dusted on lids
Maybelline Full and Soft mascara (lashes curled of course)
Stila Gladiola on cheeks
A Japanese brand pink lipstick

I really must get out of bed earlier......

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