Monday, 3 January 2011

A-hauling Hong Kong style.....and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!

.....just got back from HK this last weekend and wanted to quickly post a pic of my haul as well as start 2011 with a makeup bang! However, trying to fit the haul into my current storage told me that I have waaaaaaaaaay too much : / Gonna have to do a project ten pan or summin'. Had a really lovely time - playing with my nieces and shopping! Also ate for England so gained a few pounds or ten : D Back to the gym....

...met up with an old dear friend Meta whom I met on makeupalley and was so so so so lovely to catch up and see you again!

I found a few new shops for makeup - and visited the usual places I go to. Found some makeup items that I am loving and feel are real gems - from Makeupforever and Colour2 (a Korean brand). Also couldn't resist getting the new Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. Will be posting reviews of what I have in due course.

Happy New Year to you all - and thanks for continuing to check out this blog despite my lack of frequent posts. I hope to change that soon as I have treated myself to a fab new camera!!!



  1. Hi! It was great catching up with you also! Looks as if you got yourself a great haul there! I'll have to show you my haul also! Hehehe...

  2. Hehe, glad you had a great holiday. Are you going to do a Haul video on YouTube?

    By the way, Happy New Year! Gong Hei Fat Choi!

  3. cewek - hope you doing alright hun as well with the current flood situation over your way ##hugs## Yes, I wanna see your haul!

    Xinyi - ty. I'm not sure yet. Might not as I would have done it by now. But am thinking of doing some reviews...thanks for asking!

  4. Of course! skin care is easier to finish but when i did my project 5 pan I thought it was kind of a cheat to finish skin care in order to buy makeup i think i'm a skin care junkie also, and i have so many creams, lotions, serums and potions that even that was a hard task for me...