Saturday, 22 January 2011

What shall I do with my hair?

My hair is getting long now....very long. I will need to visit the hairdressers soon...I have always loved my long hair. Loved that's is straight, loved its colour (which I now have to dye to disguise early gray hairs!), loved that it's pretty strong and healthy (I've only recently in the last few years been using hair styling products so my hair has been quite free of products throughout my life). cousin is getting married in HK in April and it's going to be quite a big posh bash, and he asked me to be the English speaking 'MC' with another cousin of mine being the Chinese 'MC', for the evening reception. Now for those of you au fait with large Chinese weddings, normally there is a 'presenter'/host/hostess of sorts to welcome everyone and introduce photographs, videos and the couple upon entry into the dining room. I'm wearing a side strap blue dress from Coast that I found in the sales (score! for £39!) I would like to try an old Hollywood hairstyle for the wedding like this:

...but my hair is as straight as a chopstick - it's so stubborn and won't hold any curl at all.

Do you think I need to perm my hair to give it a bit of body and volume? Any tips and advice?


  1. I think mid length hair with long layers would look great on you. I just blogged about hair style ideas take a look and see if you like any of them.


  2. Pretty! Definitely go with that style :) You'd probably have to go into the salon with 'dirty' hair if your have difficulties in holding curls.

  3. I just awarded your blog with the Stylish Blogger Award :)