Monday, 13 December 2010

Much love for ASOS......and hello again Hong Kong

After succumbing to my office cold last Friday, over the weekend whilst trying to win the battle (I totally hate being sick!), I got online happy. I ordered some skincare gifts from ASOS on Saturday and it arrived at my door today. Wow. Impressed with the service fo sho'.

Here is the neat, crisp box (no doubt where it's from!)

The Breast Cancer Care giftset and Bliss At Home Oxygen blast gift set:

The Elemis giftset is for me ##coy## as when it first came out I loved the fact that my HG Pro Marine Collagen cream came in a delightful pink container. The Bliss gift set is for my sister (don't worry, none of my family read my blog : D ) as I thought as a busy mum, often tired off her feet, that a relaxing but energising skincare set would be just the ticket for her. The set comes with full size triple oxygen instant energizing mask (which my friend raves about and it froths on your skin so once it's fizzled out you wash it off), triple oxygen +C energizing cream and triple oxygen instant energizing eye mask.

With the Elemis gift et I have tried everything before - mainly in a gorgeous facial - but I absolutely love the pink container for the Elemis Pro Marine Collagen cream - will definitely be using this for travel! I also wanted to try their perfume for the first time. Love the pink bag too. This giftset came with:

Pro Marine Collagen Cream
Cellular Recovery capsules
Elemis Parfum
Visible Brilliance
Pro Marine Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust

Both sets were 20% off this last weekend and I will definitely be perusing ASOS much more now....

........and I am missing family and want to escape the cold so I am making an impromptu visit to Hong Kong next week. I can't wait. Just to rest, eat, be with family and play with my young nieces - and kinda go back to my roots again. Just need to be refreshed.

So what better way to sign off with my favourite song at the moment..........REPRESENT!!!!

Far East Movement - Like a G6



  1. Wow. Have fun in Hong Kong and Love the sound of your sets especially the bliss set. I seem to be a comfortable position in my skin care routine where everything I'm using I love and is doing great for my skin. Tho need a new serum lol x x

  2. No way!! We'll be in Hongkers too! How long will you be there for? We'll be there from 24th to 27th Dec. If you're still around, wanna meet up?

  3. cewek- definitely! Do you have time to meet on the Mon 27th? I want to show you where I shop for mu! I want to check out the new Shu lash shop/lounge as well! I am gonna message you on MUA as I can't find your email addy!

    Thx Joelfg and Xinyi...

  4. Great gifts! I am sure your sister will do well with that set. Lucky you off to HK for more enviable makeup finds no doubt! Oh and yes that song has been everywhere lately, am starting to love it in spite of myself haha xx