Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Some essentials for winter 2010.....

....just a short post about some items I have added into my makeup and skincare regime for the oh so cold and blustery and snowy weather! Though I don't have any serious dryness that you can see on my skin with the drop in temperature - my skin just doesn't have the same 'bounciness' or moisturised look with my normal year round skincare.

I've been adding MAC's strobe cream to my foundation to make it more moisturising but at the same time giving a luminous finish. This helps me look like I have a glow within.

I love also adding a generous pour of Jurlique's Eucalyptus Body Oil to my body moisturiser (I use SolarSilk from Creative Nail Design)and it just adds that bit more of moisture but also a gorgeous uplifting but relaxing smell. Though I do apply the oil by itself - I still find it bit greasy and mixing it in with a body moisturiser seems to make it less so. Also makes the oil go longer : D

And finally I did a YT review on this last year, but Euceerin's Hyaluron-Filler night cream is perfect for moisturising my skin at night. It feels very protected. It is the most richest cream I have used - and will leave a slight film of oil in the morning - but I'm not averse to that as I'm at home anwyway. And I feel that it really settles it from a whole day of indoor heating and the cold outside.

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