Saturday, 11 December 2010

How difficult is it to finish a lipstick?!

(Excuse my camera pics at the moment - I can't quite find my better one - so I am using just my web cam)

I am feeling a bit frustrated. You know you have those makeup items in your stash that you're not grabbing for anymore and it's sitting aamongst a family of other unused items? These 3 lipsticks pictured have taken me AGES to use up. When I want to chuck out a lipstick but use it up before it goes bad - I tend to use them daily for work. That's the only way I will get to use them on a regular basis in the hope that that bullet goes down quickly! So here are the l/s I am trying to use up from top and clockwise:

Becca Gisella Sheer Tint Lip Colour

A nice pinky beige nude with medium pigmentation and a lovely application. Has a moisturising finish with a tiny bit of sparkle. Lovely packaging with a screw mechanism (rather than the traditional top) and it feels lovely on.

But it doesn't last long and dries my lips out a bit.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Pinky Beige 721

A really lovely pinky beige as well and a great drugstore price. But this has a bit of a waxy smell which turns me off and the lipstick does dry my lips out.

NARS Roman Holiday lipstick

This is a pale lilac colour, and I love the name because of the film. Applies nicely and creamy-ish (not as creamy as MAC's cremesheens or Clarins Rouge Prodige) but doesn't last long. It's the only lilac lip colour I have - and I don't think it suits me. Also the rubber packaging is wearing off and becoming a bit sticky : /

I'm nearly there with the Becca but the Maybelline and NARS is gonna take some more wearing. I tend to reapply only 2 or 3 times a day at that - I'm just so busy at work I don't tend to retouch.

...that's it! The power of retouching..........

Any makeup frustrations for you lately?



  1. My frustration is that i want every single lipstick, from every single brand and every shade available !! I love lipstick :P

  2. Ellysmubag - lol!!! I know what you mean! I feel like that about bronze eyeshadows and foundations!

  3. I just saw an ad for Clarins Rouge Prodige! The colors look lovely, is it a formula you'd recommend in terms of longevity?

  4. pw - yes it lasts quite a long time - I don't have to retouch it so much and it's reallynice creamy and also pigmented.

    I did a review of it on my YT channel so do go check it out!

    Love your blog too : D Are you half Chinese too?

  5. thanks for the response! i've been a fan of your videos for a long time! and yes, i am half chinese :)

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