Saturday, 14 August 2010

Some blog lovin'

Thanks to Kat over at Click & Makeup for being a blog to watch - thanks Kat! So as I understand it I have to nominate back 10 blogs or list 10 things I like. I like the idea behind this, but as ever, I can't go the full hog on rules (hey, I am a bit of a black sheep!)but I had wanted to give a shoutout to blogs that I check pretty much daily.


Always learn about a new product or brand. Updated daily.

A true makeup fan! A fabulous and extensive makeup collection. Regular makeup looks posted - and I look forwad to seeing what Jamilla uses on a daily basis!

The One & Only.

I'm relatively new to this blog and YTer. Beautiful looks on a beautiful, sweet lady.

A Model recommends
I'm very new to this blogger. She's a recognisable London model. Look forward to seeing how her YT channel and blog develops.

Absolutely <3 this blog. Gorgeous stylist, with a great eye for fashion. Casual luxe IMO. Inspires me to emulate her! Any day now....... : )
My vintage style fix. Love this blog, as I find it a lot of fun.
Fellow HKer in London. Fun, cool blog.

And one that does both:
Absolutely love the Beauty Notes Daily and What Elle Wears to Work blogs. If I could emulate the makeup and style of a magazine, it would be this one.

What blogs are you loving?