Sunday, 8 August 2010

Long overdue post......and my 1st What's In and What's Out

#sheepishly peeks out from the corner#

..........hope you all have enjoyed your summer! I've been missing from my blog for over the last month - no real reason other than I've been concentrating on my YT channel (3 videos a week yay!)and busy buying and swapping makeup!

So to get back into blogging, I'm doing my first What's In and What's Out.

What's IN

- Bare Escentuals eyeshadows. They are currently rocking my world. Loose pigments yes, but the buffing let's me feel like my own artist and also gives me such a flawless finish.
- Swapping. I've completed quite a few over the last few months - and it feels very good to have lightened my collection of things I don't use and possibly someone else loves, with the bonus of trying out new items!
- Synthetic makeup brushes. So easy to clean and whatever brush head shape it takes, it's great to apply cream and liquid products, as well as powder.
- Cake eyeliner. Am trying out Becca's, but have also tried Laura Mercier. Not as easy to apply as gel eyeliners, but I love the finish, gives a perfect 1960s opaque finish.
- Mineral foundation makeup. My Prescriptives All Skins powder and MAC MSF Natural are my go to and fail proof products in these summer months.

What's OUT
- Messiness. Once all the makeup is on and I'm happy with my finished look, my desk surface is cluttered with makeup products, tissues, brushes, q tips. It's like cooking, I'm not one of those people who clean up as they cook!
- Mascara splotches on your eyelid. No matter what angle I tilt my head or mascara wand, I can't get away from this!
- how in the UK we have to wait for the Urban Decay Naked Palette to get to our shores......all the reviews and raves about it are grating on me ; p

It's good to be back!


  1. heyyy..grad you are back :D..Im dying for the Naked Palette,hopefully it will launch anytime soonerLol

  2. I'm really interested in the Bare Minerals eyeshadows. Would you be able to do a video or a blog post on your favourites please?

    I can't wait to get my hands on the Naked Palette either. I've totally been loving my neutrals recently :)

    Kelly x

  3. Naked lemming-ees UNITE! lol

    Thanks Yi for checking back on my blog!

    Kelly - yes will do a vid/blog post. I've amassed quite a bit but have faves already so will try and do a vid review (I did a brief tut already using BE for a brown smokey look).

    Hope you're both well!

  4. Welcome back! I love mineral foundation for the summer - anything else just slides off my face in the Underground/sauna. My desk also gets into such a state every morning but I never have time to clear it all away before dashing out the door - coming home to the mess isn't much fun!

    I tagged you in a post at Click&Make-Up

    I love your YT channel too :)

    Kat x