Sunday, 10 October 2010

What is your dream makeup vanity table?

Long time no post......sorry!

I'll be moving sometime spring next year and have a chance to start afresh with the way I arrange my makeup. Currently it's in Muji drawers that I place on top of a clothes cabinet and also in an Ikea mirror cabinet (with shelves inside).

In my excitement, I've been trawling the web, beauty sites and You Tube to get some ideas. My ideal - which I would think is all of ours! - is to have something with great storage and organisational capacity but at the same time pretty. : D

What I'd like is something with this storage capacity:

.....but looks pretty like this:

Am I asking for the impossible? To be honest they look quite similar - just that the first one has more storage capability it looks. I am planning on having my vanity in my bedroom near the window - but it's a finite space and it's a battle for me to keep tidy so I am completely committed to designing something from the outset that will help me achieve that goal!

On You Tube, my favourite look so far is from MakeupbyTiffanyD who's makeup vanity and accompanying storage looks so beautiful and good for storage. I just don't have that much space : (

Any ideas? What would be your dream vanity table? Any suggestions to websites or YTers whose makeup organisation you love?

Would love to hear from you


  1. hi there! i too have been yearning for the perfect vanity table. youre right, lots of storage but at the same time aesthetically pretty won't hurt :)
    i just recently set up my "will do for now" vanity table. space is always an issue for me as i live in a small flat.
    it will never compare to the dream vanity tables in my head but for the amount of space ive got, its fine.

    of course it is only a matter of time until the things i hoard cram it up ;)

    as for YTbers whose vanity table and organization i love, Misschievous' long Malm ikea table rocks :)

  2. Hi there Smither Reens
    Thanks for that - gives me some gathered info! Btw, love the fact that you are enjoying Eve Lom's cleanser...totally rocks!

  3. Where did you find these pictures? These are a dream come true. I've been looking for a vanity with enough storage space. Thank you for sharing them!