Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Skincare workout - Project 10 pan!

So my Project 5 pan for makeup is going tres slow.......tres slow. I keep finding other things in my collection to play with, rather than focusing on the items I've identified! Though my MAC Studio Tech I am pleased to say is quickly finishing up. This post shows me that I'm more of a skincare junkie than a makeup one maybe....or that it's so much easier to finish skincare items. Which is proably true.

So to help encourage me with my original Project 5 pan, I would like to post the items I have used up thus far:

Dermalogica Multi Vitamin Recovery Mask
Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant Mask
Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Scrub
Elemis Tri Enzyme Facial Wash (YT review to do)
Sofina Lunasol SPF 50
Embryolisse Lait Concentre Cream
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (this took me years to finish!)
Loreal Demaq Expert Elixir Concentrate Ultra Makeup Remover
Olay Complete Care Mlti-radiance Daily Illuminating UV Cream
Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5 Refining Night Cream (YT review to do)

Do you find skincare items easier to finish?


  1. Skincare is way easier to finish for me because I use the same products on a daily basis. With makeup though, I tend to switch it up and don't always use that much everyday so it's definitely a slow process to finish things sometimes. Not to mention the fact that I keep buying new stuff to play with!

  2. lol......I think every single beauty fanatic is the same! But it so doesn't stop me from buying more stuff!

  3. I agree! Haha! I know if I put myself on Project 10 Pan, I wouldn't be able to buy anything for a long time... XD I think I'd have to disqualify skincare too because I find I can use up moisturiser and toner super fast if I want to!

  4. Of course! skin care is easier to finish :))) but when i did my project 5 pan I thought it was kind of a cheat to finish skin care in order to buy makeup :p
    i think i'm a skin care junkie also, and i have so many creams, lotions, serums and potions that even that was a hard task for me...
    damn these addictions :((