Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday hippy happy vintage clothes haul

Friday is my excuse's been so so busy at work in the last 2-3 weeks as I reach a major deadline at the end of April (another month to go!) that Fridays are becoming my retail therapy days.

I checked out the new MAC art collections in Covent Garden and wasn't tempted by anything with the exception of Too Fabulous lipliners - Nude and In Synch. But I got to the store too late as they were closing up so didn't make a purchase.

Instead, I moseyed on to one of my favourite vintage stores - Rokit. I liked it more when they weren't so well known with their original store, as the prices weren't as epxensive as they are now. The Covent Garden store has a good selection of stock.

I'm getting more into the TV series Mad Men, just love how clever it is. How it has resonance to 21st century viewers. And I've always liked the vintage slips that Carrie in SATC (my ultimate favourite TV series - I could watch re runs for eternity). But I could never find one that wasn't torn or terribly stained and looked like it had been dragged through I don't know what. Until I found this gem.....

It fits perfectly. I feel totally like Maggie the Cat aka Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I love the pleats and the embroidery on the bottom. I have this sheer taupe summer Zara dress which is a bit shorter than I'd like and I'd been looking for a slip dress underneath with lace which would set it off. And I have!

I then caught sight of this oh so soft and comfortable cotton dress which has the perfect Victorian/Edwardian style lace detail at top and on the sleeves. I plan to wear this with the sleeves rolled up, and a tan belt. The dress falls slightly on the A line which is great for my curvy pear shape. I'll be wearing it with the top buttons unbuttoned to create a V shape so that I don't look too top heavy : D

Any vintage pieces - or else inspired that you've recently bought or what pieces in your wardrobe or you loving atm?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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