Tuesday, 9 March 2010

..........................I got a Shu-eeling

A couple of weeks ago, I got another Shu Glow On Blush - P Red 14 - in an effort to recreate the bronzed berry blush look of LC in my previous post below. Someone on MUA recommended NARS Amour (and I'm not a fan of NARS blushes - rare in the mu world I know!) and I wanted something similar. I was at Harvey Nicks and the Business Manager (what Shu calls its MUA managers), Scott Price, at Shu seemed very lovely so I went in and booked a makeover with him.

The makeover was last Friday after work which was a really nice time cos it was quiet on a Friday at Harvey Nicks. I wanted to recreate the black eyeliner flick of LC but also wanted to try Shu's foundations too.

These are the best pics that I could come up with of the makeover:

Makeup Products used were:
UV Mousse Base
Architect Fluid #764
Pro Concealer 7YR
Translucent Loose Powder
Glow On blush in Peach 44 (my 1st ever Shu blush and a fave!)
Blush in Gold
Eyeshadows in M960, M990 and P990
Drawing pencil in matte black
Painting Liner in M Black
Basic mascara in black
False lashes in partial flare
And I forgot what lipgloss!!!

I then tried to recreate the look the next day - a more pared down look as I didn't use lashes and used a sheerer foundation. How'd I do? : D

In the end I came away with 3 things - the premium a/o cleansing oil, a beautiful cool toned matte grey e/s #M960 and partial flare lashes

The makeover lasted 90 mins which for a makeover was quite long and it was the first type of makeover that I've done where the artist does one side and then it's over to you to try and do it on the other side. I wasn't expecting that at all so was slightly nervous but at the same time excited to do it whilst an expert was guiding me! I liked it. I had fun.

Although I was impressed with the oil controlling properties of the foundation (I didn't see an oily T zone for 4 hours), I didn't feel that it blended in as well as I liked - was a bit dry and streaky. But I did like the lashes, blush and eyeshadows of course : D
I also learnt 2 new things:
1. A different way to apply eyeshadow. Use a flat sweeping motion from the top of your crease down to your lid which helps to create that outer corner colour. A flat brush is needed - whereas I'm so used to doing it using a MAC #217.
2. Apply khol eyeliner first and then apply your gel/painting liner on top to get more of that precise line. The khol helps to fill in any gaps that the liner might not reach.

The makeover was £30 redeemable against products. And Scott was so nice, I felt very comfortable. I definitely feel my Shu love affair will not be ending anytime soon.......

What new products are you loving at the moment?


  1. oh that is a pretty colour blush you have on. Ah i spy cleansing oil, i still have yet to try the shu version. I do love the dhc version

  2. They both look amazing-the one by the Shu MUA, and the pared down one you did the next day....I think you did great. I have been wanting to try the Shu cleansing oil...have you used it before? Thanks for sharing your experience at your Shu makeover.