Tuesday, 15 September 2009

What workout should I do in New York City?

I am very excited as I will be visiting the Big Apple at the end of the month for a week's holiday with my girlfriends. I cannot wait to spend some time catching up with them and their lives (as we don't live in the same cities) - and creating new experiences with them.

So, I'm compiling a list of makeup stuff to check out (the usuals, Sephora, Bendels, Saks) but wanted to see if you had any recs? I really want to go to a CVS or Rite Aid which has a good selection of Essence of Beauty tools, Sally Hensen, Maybelline, Covergirl etc.....any recs?

Any vintage clothing stores as well to check out?

I just can't wait, it's gonna be fun : D


  1. I say to go the humongous Macy's store and have a blast. :)


  2. I have never been to New York - so sadly I can't really make any reccs, Just wanted to say hello! Just found your blog at last! xxx

  3. Century 21 is worth a rake! Its right next to ground zero in the financial district. Its kinda like a Massive TK Maxx-some good bargain potentials (and it has a beauty counter bit with discounted brands like elizabeth Arden, Clarins)
    Also rec a trip to Magnolia bakery for a cupcake-really cute place (think there's three in city).
    There are lots of cool "speakeasys" which are hidden bars around the city. Its usually the locals who know where they are. They are from the times in 20s when alcohol was banned and so beers are served in brown paper bag and other drinks in cups/saucers-really cool!
    Anthropologie is also gorgeous shop who are same company as Urban Outfitters but a bit less grungy (think one is opening in London soon actually) Be warned it is difficult to leave empty handed.

    Hope that helps....soooo envious!

    x x x

  4. I agree. I think you'd really enjoy anthropologie.