Sunday, 6 September 2009

Supermarket makeup workout - ASDA George eyeshadows

This last weekend I was in Milton Keynes and the one thing I would say about London is that we don't have massive supermarket or brand stores like most towns outside of London seem to do. So access to certain supermarket fashion lines (like George at Asda) or makeup produced is non existent. There's a reason of course for that - space - and I know in London we are spoilt for choice with other fashion and makeup lines: D

I've tried Barbara Daly's Makeup brand for Tescos and have loved some things from her line, especially her makeup brushes and her powder highlighter. But I haven't seen anything from other supermarkets that tempted me, or didn't look very cheap in quality.

So the Makeup Artist Collections for MAC came out this weekend and I was thinking of getting the Notoreity e/s quad (being the neutral/natural fan that I am) - until I saw the Velvet Eye Palette in No2 Autumn Leaves by George at Asda.

It's not exactly like for like as the Notoreity quad of course, but I like it much better as a colour quad because it has a very gorgeous olive green shade that reminds me of Stila's La Douce (another beautiful fave of mine). Also the brown e/s with glitter in Notoreity is chalky : ( Autumn Leaves is a very fitting title description and all the colours go very well together. The finish is quite a subtle shimmer - not as strong as MAC's frosts - and the pigmentation is good though a couple of layers need to be applied. I prefer them much over my NYX e/s as though NYX colours are nice, they're just not pigmented and don't last the day, let alone the morning. I also think that the George e/s are much better quality than a lot of the e/s I see in the drugstore like Rimmel for e.g. The George e/s feel quite smooth and I don't feel that they are too cheap quality - as I don't feel like they are going to crack as easily as some drugstore items I have. They last relatively well, and better with my MAC paint Bare Canvas.

So I like all the colours in this quad:
-a cream (which reminds me of my other fave MAC's Brule though Brule has more 'white' in it)
- a copper tan
- a light bronze brown
- a medium toned true olive with gold sheen

Here are some swatches:
Velvet Eye Palette in No2 Autumn Leaves
Retail price: £4.50

There were 2 other quads, one purple range and I can't remember the other am afraid.

I also bought some single e/s, L-R: No 4 Combat (a taupe) and No 20 Delusional (the exact same olive shade as in the Autumn Leaves quad above)
Retail price: just over £2

No 4 Combat is a dead ringer for MAC's Satin Taupe, except it's not frosty. I'm not kidding. Also, No 4 Combat actually reminds me of a taupe from the Laura Mercier Taupe of Evolution set. I would suggest those who don't have MAC Satin Taupe and don't mind something less frosty and drugstore - though still satiny - to go get No 4 Combat as the similarity is surprising! Someone at George must have been a MAC ST fan : D

Swatches from top to bottom - George No 4 Combat and MAC Satin Taupe

There were also quite a range of other single e/s colours - including some bright yellow and orange for the more adventurous makeup fans out there.

Now, the eyeshadows do have talc and mica in it for those of you sensitive to it - as well as a whole bunch of C numbers! The quad comes with a duo sponged applicator, an applicator that I don't find useful and the singles don't have applicators.


Fantastic quality with an unbelievably fantastic price! (Don't let the low price fool you!)
Great, wearable colours
Good pigmentation and staying power

Possibly has ingredients not good for sensitive skins
Oh....can't get easy access to it from London ;D

All in all, I was pretty chuffed with this and can't wait to play with the quad for an office look tomorrow.

Any purchases you made this weekend? Share!

PS. I did check out MAC's new collection and I think I'll get both the blushes - Notable and Perfect Cheek. I'm going to NYC on a girlie holiday at the end of Sept so I'll wait to purchase either at Heathrow or in the US....


  1. Wow! Great to hear of some dupes for MAC....would never have thought George at Asda would be much competition! Thanks for review x

  2. I know! I'm surprised too! yw my luv

  3. Really its awesome makeup Beauty Products workout.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the pics.