Monday, 24 August 2009

I had my bag snatched.......................

This is a brief post as I'm just a bit shocked to be honest. 12 years in London - a city that I love - without incident.....until now.

This last Saturday a little teenage punk decided to swipe my bag from my hand. Thank god I didn't have much in it at all - no cash - so to be honest it wasn't a very good theft for him. It's more frustrating and annoying than anything - I can get over the admin side of it all by cancelling cards and waiting for insurance etc but what gets me is that he thought he could just mosey on up to me and take what was mine. Like he had the right to.

Yes I am thankful that my SO was with me and we both weren't hurt. I am ever so thankful for that.

My MAC MSF, Bobbi Brown kabuki, new MAC Patisserie lipstick and Hello Kitty double sided mirror were the victims too. My Bobbi Brown kabuki was the best. The best.

I'm just disappointed someone so young hasn't had the guidance and/or the self direction/confidence to know what is right from wrong. I know it's the world. And there are many other more shiny, loving, happy elements to the world.

Thanks for reading all....


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened! Yes, thank goodness no one was hurt. I know exactly what it feels like as I had a similar experience many years ago.

  2. Thank goodness that no one was hurt; that must have been terrifying.

  3. I've been zipping through your blog and I just love it! So fun to read ...I just started blogging (tons to learn still) Glad to hear you are ok. Thanks for sharing.

  4. OMG! Thats shocking, the little %&@*£!!!!!

    I hope that you feel better soon with it.

    Matt. x

  5. OH NO!!! That's awful, and what a waste of good makeup! I'm just glad you're alright and you weren't alone. I had a wallet snatched from me at a train station once, I was all alone and wildly shaken up. Anyway hope you can sort and replace everything easily enough- Good luck. xxxxx

  6. Horrible!! The annoying thing is always the fact that they take the personal belongings-have the money but can I keep my purse please!!! Hope you've recovered from the shock, x x

  7. Thanks to you all for your comments - it's so nice to hear that. ##hugs to you all!#

    I'm still waiting (hoping but I need to get over it) that the police will say something in their report which is due soon - that they caught it on camera!

  8. Just seen your post and wanted to say that if you are insured you should claim for your makeup as well as your bag - I did this when my bag was snatched, it gave me quite a shock when I added up how much the makeup would cost to replace!