Tuesday, 18 August 2009

COMPUTER WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABSENCE UPDATE

Hi all

Just a brief update I came back from a lovely hols in Seville, Southern Spain, last Saturday to turn on my computer to catch up on the web beauty world - and I have no internet connection!!!!

I am pretty frustrated as this has now happened twice in 2 months with my service provider (BT) and it is a pain in both bottocks to get through to BT in addition to getting some answers. This ain't no Asia for sure : (

I'm trying to resolve it as soon as possible - but BT in my experience are incredibly slow. In the meantime I am also looking at other providers for now......


I had a great time in Seville - was pretty hot at 45 degrees! - but I was road testing a foundation (the one I posted as a mystery foundation in the last post) and I will tell you that it is from Prescriptives : D

I'll be back soon!


  1. wow,didnt know you were in Sevilla, I live there. But I just came back England now for uni :D Glad your had good time xxx

  2. I just saw your tag! Thanks for it! Will hot foot to it!

    Wasn't it hot? I stayed in Macarena which was a short bus trip away from the main centre but easy to get to. Should have asked you for some tips of where to eat and shop!

    Took a day trip out to Cordoba too....

  3. I'm not having much luck with my technology this week either....first my iphone broke and then my laptop-torture!!
    Glad you had a good holiday :-) x

  4. Moggalicious - it totally sucks!!! I've been on the phone to BT (Indian call centre) who were nice people but just no results at all!

    Had brief look at your blog and thank you so much for noting me as one of the blogs you read - I felt very touched! I really appreciate it!

    Your hols photos look so inspiring too - Canada is beautiful. I'm feeling a little of the hols blues at the mo' so trying to think about the next time I can go away!
    Have a fab week x

  5. Noticed you went AWOL. Glad to hear you had a holiday, I was toying with the idea of going to Spain but I daresay I'd best wait til it cools down. Weather here has been sweltering too! Hope to see you back in action before long. BT are rather notorious so good luck!!! xxxx

  6. Hey, can you post some of your holiday pics here? Good to hear that you had a good time! and looking forward to your new vids too!

    Yes, you should get a new internet provider then - heard that O2, Virgin or TalkTalk are good, but have to do some research first I think. Lost of internet connection is always a pain =(