Sunday, 19 July 2009

London Summer Sales - my chance to a haul workout!

I'm taking every opportunity I have to make posts between work and entertaining family (which is a 24/7 business!) and yesterday was the 1st time that I was able to have a bit of 'me' time. I managed to get a few things so here they are:

A tribal/ethnic style bag (Accessorize) - I just love everything about it. The embroidery and decoration on the main body of great fuschia pink, plus the twisted colour strap. I'm thinking of using this for an evening out as a clutch - am thinking that it'll look great against block colours - but also during the day with jeans - strapped on the diagonal. I've always liked this tribal trend but never really saw anything that looked not too OTT or a little contrived. But I think this is perfect!

Another trend that I love but haven't quite replicated in my wardrobe is the nautical theme and this great canvas bag (love the twisted handles) introduces me to it. Great for mu items to get lost in : D

Some cute hairpins (Accessorize) - I don't have anything with swallows on it - so am following the trend with this one!

I thought this was a great necklace (again, Accessorize) to jazz up a workoutfit but also perhaps a wedding outfit - as I have a few to go to over the next year! If you saw my YT vid on my fave jewellery pieces - you know I love these kind of statement necklaces. It's a combination of blue/green/grey stones...very pretty IMO

Then I coudln't resist this delicate looking blue glass stone and gold bracelet which I thought just looked classy - and would be great for wedding season too! Thanks Accessorize!

And then I popped along to John Lewis on Oxford Street and braved the crowds - but saw these great Dune sandals. They are more off white cream than white than they appear in the pics but I loved the heel height (manageable and comfy) and I thought it's really difficult to get cream coloured heels that don't look trashy. They also have it in tan (though not my size) which if I am lucky enough to find in my size - I will also purchase!

Of course, the sales wouldn't be it without some makeup or skincare purchase and I saw the Bliss Sleeping Peel Masque for sale in Harrods. The SA told me that it was on sale because they were changing the name and packaging due out in winter, but the product will remain the same. I am going to try this to help with my blackhead congestion around my nose specifically - and will do a YT vid once I've used it a few times!

PS. Sorry the photos are not upright in some of them , trying to do this in a rush before the computer is needed by someone else in the fam!

Any sales gems you've scored this summer?


  1. Nice Haul moddeve :D I got some earrings fome Accessorize last week before came back Spain too. Love the shop very much.

    Is the sleeping peel mask like exfoliator, and you apply them when you sleep?


  2. hey there! Accessorize is just the best - in the main their prices are affordable (some handbags etc are a bit pricey) but they also have winners each time they come out with something.

    The peel mask is an exfoliator but the SA advised applying a very thin layer and then using your finger to gently rub it off. It's like a clay mask. I've used it once and need to use it more regularly to do a review - which I will do!


  3. Ooo, love that tribal bag and the blue glass stone bracelet! The latter looks so chic! :)

  4. I agree with witoxicity the bag and bracelet were my faves- Accessorize really do deliver on the pretty don't they!! Great finds. And the shoes are so classic, I have a few weddings coming up too so seems like a good reason to go shoe shopping...!! Xxxx

  5. I love the nautical canvas bag - where's it from? :-) Big bags are great for me, as I tend to lug around quite a few things! My friends call my bags "Mary Poppins bags" as I tend to have to dig around before actually finding the item I need lol!


  6. irmiana : D I loved that Mary Poppins carpet bag...esp when she pulled the long standing light out of it.

    It's from the Accesorize sale....