Sunday, 19 June 2011

....naughty in June

Two makeup lines I haven't tried before - byTerry and Ecotools.

I succumbed to the line byTerry. I've always passed by the counter in Spacenk because it is such an expensive line. I've probably searched for a few years now for the perfect watermelon colour lipstick - and found it in their Rouge Terrybly Age Defense-Lipstick in 302 Hot Cranberry. Retails for £30!!!! But I fell in love with the colour and as I have been quite good with my makeup shopping - ie. not - I think this is acceptable.

I've always wanted to try a pointed synthetic brush - ever since I was introduced to the Becca line. A few other companies make them - A Design, Zoeva - and I stumbled across this Ecotools one in Boots so why not use my Boots card? Retails for £9.99

Hope you are all well!

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  1. Ciao Bella,

    Looks like a great haul... I am looking forward to your review on the products.

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    Wishing you a really beautiful day!!

    Hugs & Kisses