Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bold lipsticks - byTerry & Sleek swatches (plus FOTD)

I don't know why but I've bought a high end and drugstore pigmented bold lipstick in the last 2 weeks. Both brands had something to offer but couldn't be further away from each other on price point! The byTerry lipstick I got at spacenk and cost £30.50 - ouch! The Sleek lipstick is from Superdrug and cost £3.99.

Both colours I love. Both formulations I love. At the moment, loving the byTerry formulation more than the Sleek because it is more moisturising and therefore easier to apply and blend. But the Sleek lipstick offers such a great colour (on trend) and is so good for it's pricepoint.

At the moment, I have just been patting the lipsticks on to my lips, smearing it with my finger and then applying a touch of lipbalm. Easy, schmeasy, casual. Not precise. Perfect look for summer.

I purchased:

byTerry Age Defense Lipstick in #302 Hot Cranberry
Sleek True Colour lipstick in #782 Papaya Punch

LOVE both names! L-R: Sleek Papaya Punch, byTerry Hot Cranberry

And my FOTD using NARS Subaraya e/s duo (a gift from the gorgeous ChefCaffy) that I'm playing round with:

List of products:
MAC Strobe cream as moisturiser
Laura Mercier Moisturising Foundation in Sunny Beige
Prescriptives All Skins Mineral powder fdn on T Zone
Becca Duo Concealer in Tahini
Bare Minerals Prime Time eye primer
NARS Subaraya e/s duo - both shades with Prestige Eyekhol in brown
Maybelline Full&Soft WP mascara in black
MAC Cream Colour Base in Improper Copper on cheeks
Becca Songbird blush on top of MAC CCB Improper Copper
MAC Sunsparked Pearl powder under eyes
Sleek Papaya Punch lipstick
Carmex lipbalm

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  1. Beautiful FOTD! And nice high end vs low end comparison - I love both colours and I'm glad to hear the formulations are great as well~!