Thursday, 5 May 2011

Easy peasy dinner - for when you're tired

Tonight's dinner. I'm trying to get back into my healthy eating regime, cos I have not been watching my diet and health for the last few months! This week has been my reboot, and I've just come home from the gym. You know when you haven't been for months, the first time is always a shock to the system! Why oh why did I stop my routine......

Sainsbury's Crispy & Sweet salad box
Quickly boiled broccoli and spinach (already cut) ontop
2 boiled eggs
Few sprays of olive oil
Sprinkle of mixed seeds
Black pepper
Dried chili flakes

Total cooking time from getting home to placing food in my mouth: 20 mins

About 2 years ago I stopped having refined carbs with dinner (normally white pasta or white rice) and this really helps with weight loss I feel. Especially at dinner when with these carbs I want some tasty, heavy laden with sauce meat and veggies. Without the refined carbs, generally, but especially at night I go to bed less bloated. I concentrate eating wholewheat pasta, bread, noodles, rice etc at lunch.

I'm lucky I love veg (although I don't think I could be vegetarian). This is light and easy, and a way to get eggs into my diet as I don't incorporate them in my diet usually!

What are your quick fix healthy dinners?

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